Top Apps That Startup Entrepreneurs Must Have


Top Apps That Startup Entrepreneurs Must Have

When running a startup, an entrepreneur’s life can be miserable, tiring, stressful, and time consuming. Luckily during our busiest times and stressful times we have our smart phone with us. Some apps you might have heard about, some you might have never heard of. Let’s go over a few apps that startup entrepreneurs must have.

1. Uber

Uber is a ride sharing startup based in Silicon Valley. If you live in the Silicon Valley, you might already be familiar with Uber, but you might not have used it before. There are a lot of ridesharing apps but Uber comes in number one for me and my friends. Uber is extremely professional and easy to use. Next time you have a last minute meeting or you need a quick ride to the airport, just simply turn on your Uber map and you’re on your way!

2. Pocket

Why didn’t I discover this app earlier..Pocket is one of my top apps of all time. Pocket allows you to save anything you want to read directly to your phone so that you can read it later. The best part about Pocket is that it is 100% free and you can use it simply on your desktop/laptops browser. Your phone will automatically sync any web pages you saved based on your settings and you can read them anywhere/time. For someone who loves to travel, this is a must have. Forget those down time at the airport. Read some articles! Must have top apps.

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3. Evernote

Evernote is another must have app. It’s a dairy, journal, to do list, note taking, voice memo app all in one. Entrepreneurs tend to have a lot going on in their mind. A lot of times entrepreneurs are forced to multitask, but we’re not super humans. I use Evernote everyday to write down a to do list for the day and mark it off along the way. It’s been a habit for me to tap straight onto the Evernote icon every single time my phone is out. If you don’t want to write things out you don’t need to, you could always snap a picture with Evernote or use a voice memo.

4. Flipboard

There probably isn’t a better app for getting up to date and reliable news in an amazingly designed app. Unlike CNN, ABC or other top news site, Flipboard curates all of them into one and allows you to sort through them yourselves. Into video games? There’s a bunch of boards for those. Just add it to your list. Entrepreneurs are always on the go, but wherever we are, we want to keep updated with the news and trends. Flipboard is the app!



5. Venmo

Venmo is the fastest way to transfer money to anyone on the phone. Say your eating out with a client or a friend and you don’t have cash on you. You might ask your friend to pay for it first and that you will pay him back later. A few months later everyone forgets about it and you don’t owe anything anymore. That kind of sucks. With Venmo you can mark it down and pay whenever you want. Also, there are no hidden fees it’s all free!



6. Glympse

Another one of those top apps for travel entrepreneurs. Glympse is a mobile app that lets you quickly share where you are with others. Don’t you hate it when someone says that they’re coming but they’re not even close? It happens to all of us and we do it often ourselves. Now you can send an email, sms, or calendar note allowing them to see exactly where you are.  The best part is, the people who need to know where you are don’t need to have the app, or even have a phone, in order to access the information. And you have the option to stop sharing this information once you get to your location.

7. Dropbox

Almost forgot about DropBox! This app is so easy to use and so unnoticeable when using it that I almost forgot about it. Dropbox is the fastest and easiest way to save files into the cloud. The integration of the app with any platform seems so simple that I feel spoiled. You could download your files off the cloud simply with just a few clicks. Dropbox is also surprisingly secure. All your files are safe in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing them! I wish the free package had more storage space, but eh it’s good enough! Most entrepreneurs would say that this is consider one of the top apps that entrepreneurs must have.

8. Expensify

Your an entrepreneur at heart, but your also a taxpayer at heart. We need to track our expenses and expensify makes it extremely easy for you to keep everything in place. Expensify records everything from mileage to coffee, and creates well organized reports. You can integrate Quickbooks, e-mail receipts, and track spending using their analytics tools. Best of all, Expensify is free for one person and has a mobile app. You will thank them when it comes to tax season deductions.

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