Top Music Startups In 2014


Top Music Startups In 2014

For a lot of us, music is a huge part of our life. Music is there when we are happy and sad, but most of us take music for granted. We use Pandora without knowing how hard it was for the startup to build it. In this article, we will go over the top music startups in 2014.


Splice is a music platform startup based in Santa Monica and New York. Splice is unique because it isn’t another one of those music player or music discovery startup. Splice allows bedroom musicians and djs to collaborate with other musicians all in one platform. Splice streamlines the fragmented process of creating and sharing music, freeing musicians to spend their time and energy on the creative process. Splice simplifies music creation by bringing all of the steps into one, frictionless digital home. The Splice community provides artists with a new means to connect with fans and other artists to solicit feedback throughout every step of the creative process  from ideation to the finished product. Funded to the tune of $2.75 million by Union Square Ventures, Lerer Ventures, and’s Seth Goldstein, Splice has more going for it than a clever name. You can edit almost anything in Splice.





Soundcloud has recently just received a round of $60 million dollar funding at 700$ million evaluation. The original article is here: 

Soundcloud is a Berlin based cloud music storage/player platform that allows artist to upload their songs. In the more recent years, the electronic dance music scene grew soundclouds popularity by more than 200%. As of now Soundcloud is aimed to be one of the biggest music startups looking at a huge exit. Venture capitalists led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers put $50 million into the Berlin startup in early 2012. More than 180 million people have used SoundCloud since the site relaunched in a private beta last May.

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Playground is known to be a “social pandora”.  The beautifully designed free iPhone app lets you access curated playlists from your friends and professional DJ’s. Playground’s startup team believes that the best way to discover new music is by discovering them through your friends. The app runs around Facebook. You are required to sign into facebook, then you will be prompt a list of playlist ranging from 90s to rock to indie music and so forth. You can then share the playlist or see what other playlist are being played. The app was founded by three Entrepreneurs who have worked in the music industry.

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Jukely is the ultimate music social matching network. You won’t ever feel lonely again because Jukely will help you and your friends match for concerts. Jukely will also help you engage in conversation with friends. You start off syncing all your music apps with Jukely, so that Jukely’s algorithms will be able to determine what type of interest and personality you have. Then Jukely will automatically match and ping a friend for you that has a similar interest. Jukely is currently operating in 10 major cities in the USA.



Moodsnap is the world’s first Image-Based Music Streaming app, delivering contextually relevant music mapped to personal taste. Uniquely categorizes music stations by emotive photographs, Moodsnap allows you to choose music by simply tapping an image that feels right. In a world where it’s easy to become overwhelmed by excessive choice, Moodsnap’s instinct-driven experience makes deciding what to hear as easy as knowing how you feel. As of now it is currently only available in the app store.



That’s our list of top music startups for 2014. We left out the giants because we wanted to feature some of the up and coming startups.


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