TouchSpin Gaming Launches Their Multiplayer Mobile Slot Game Texas Reels.


TouchSpin Gaming Launches Their Multiplayer Mobile Slot Game Texas Reels.

Breaking more than a year of stealth operation, TouchSpin Gaming reveals it’s next generation social mobile slot game, Texas Reels. Based on a new game mechanic, up to six slots players bet against each other in real time.


This is the first multiplayer slot competition that pits players against each other on the same set of reels. Based on it’s patent-pending split reel, multiplayer slot machine engine, this free to play social casino app offers a variety of powerups, bonus games, scatters and levels. Texas Reels is available for iOS and will soon be released on Android devices in select test markets.

“Texas Reels represents an evolutionary step for casino games”, stated Sherman Sall, CEO and Founder of TouchSpin Gaming. “We are bringing live, multiplayer excitement to slot games which have traditionally been very solitary experiences. Now you can bet against other players who see the same reels as you do. It’s a real game changer. With the TouchSpin Casino gaming platform, we bring the excitement of live Vegas table gaming to slots in your mobile device”.


TouchSpin Gaming has created a real time, multiplayer tournament engine that places six slots players at the same table. Each player sees and spins the same set of reels, betting on the final outcome. In order to create different results, a split reel system has been developed that gives each player two private reels that combine with five shared reels. The player who spins out the best result wins the collected bets in the pot. Texas Reels is an organically social and viral gaming experience.

“I am thrilled to be involved with TouchSpin Gaming as it brings a new flavor to social casino games and represents the next evolution of the genre. Their unique approach and games, which are true social games, makes them an exciting company to follow. I think that Texas Reels and the games they have in the pipeline will attract a new audience into the social casino genre” said Gigi Levy, former CEO of 888 Gaming and a leading investor in the social gaming arena.

“I spent many years in the digital gaming business marketing casino games and always felt that something was missing from the platform,” stated Sherman Sall”. “The TouchSpin mission is to create inherently social, group dynamics around the slot game experience by developing unique new mechanics and compelling content”.

Upon its release, Texas Reels contains nineteen unique machines, each one with various mechanics upgrades and increasingly more competitive play. Texas Reels mobile slot game can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play and from links in

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