TrackIf Raises $3 Million to Launch Business and Advertising Solutions


TrackIf Raises $3 Million to Launch Business and Advertising Solutions

The search and shopping awareness engine, Trackif, has announced its has secured an a additional $3 million in debt funding from new and existing angel investors, and by venture funds which include Chicago Ventures, Wisconsin Investment Partners, Confluence Capital and New Capital Fund.

This round was led by Doug Berg, a Minneapolis-based entrepreneur, who found other success web-based startups such as Jobs2web, which had been purchased by SAP for $110 million, and TrackIf provides a free services that allow users to track anything they wish to on the web, helping to capture users interest and keeping them aware of important event they would want to monitor online be using a single private account.


TrackIf is also an everyday web utility that keeps its users aware of their preferences online. Whether the user is waiting for the latest hottest cloths to go up on sale, from hunting down a new car from various auto sites, seeing if their dream home has become more affordable, wanting to know when its time to either buy or sell one’s stocks, keeping a watch on the job market, looking out for where any new products are available, and tracking down any of the best traveling deals that may pop out.

TrackIf runs the web on autopilot for users, and keeps them informed about anything they have chosen to track online through the use of the site, which will help them keep their personal information in their own control and reduce the amount of  junk and spammed marketing most people tend to receive.

“People are busy and don’t have a tool that can keep them aware of their exact interests across the web,” said Berg, who is the founder and CEO of TrackIf. “TrackIf allows them to track ‘if’ the things they want to monitor change online, alerting them so they can use the web smarter every day.”


The site features are somewhat similar to that of Pinteret, but instead provides alerts and in-depth intelligence when it comes to tracking down items for a more sturdy experience than simple sharing pictures of various items. user can only search what other users are tacking based on the items popularity, but are strengthened with information about the optimal time to purchase products tracked through price history tracking of 600,000 products at thousands of shopping sites, which include Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target and others.

TrackIf also features a browser plugin, which allows users to instantly track anything they have spotted while browsing other websites online such as products, saved searches, out-of-stock items and so forth. TrackIf also offers a mobile applications, which will allow users manage their trackers and access the product price history for any product through the use of their mobile device.

The site had launched back in June of 2013 and has already managed to gather more than 350,000 users who are tracking over 1 million things online worth over $500 million in items they wish to purchase sometime in the future. The TrackIf service also sens out more than $8 million in price drops each month to the users, who receive an email alerting them of said items they had dropped in price.

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