Tradeshift Gains Over $75 Million In Its Series C Funding.


Tradeshift Gains Over $75 Million In Its Series C Funding. 

Tradeshift has recently announced it has manage to raise $75 Million in its Series C funding with the help from Singapore’s Scentan Ventures. Know as one of the fastest growing platforms and helping thousands of businesses to connect, collaborate with each other, and transact. The company consist a team of online entrepreneurs, virtual and financial veterans. With the success of this round, Tradeshift has managed to gain a total of $112 million, and will use it to expand its international position in the Europe, US, and Asian with the investments it will make to continue the increase of sale, development of applications, and marketing.

With the use of the use of this recent funding, they also wish to try and open up a start effort somewhere in japan and with their new partnership with Scentan Ventures, they will use their expertise to try and build an influential ecosystem for Tradeshifts platform in Asia. Tradeshift will also try to expand into the city of Tokyo, Japan. This partnership will provide Scentan Ventures with various exclusive product that are developed alongside with marketing, sales, and any service rights that are from the Tradeshift platform in Japan.

The managing director for Scentan Ventures, also known as Noriaki Okubo, has decided to join Tradeshift’s Board.

Tradeshift has managed to gain their previous funds from various amount of investor all over the globe,some of them being Ru-net, Intuit, Paypal, Kite Ventures, and Notion Capital, which was used to open up more offices in Suzhou, China sometime in 2013, for the use of developing products for Chinese suppliers.

“It is in the DNA of our company to do things organically and on a global scale, from developing software to developing our business,” said Tradeshift CEO and Co-founder, Christian Lanng. “We spent a lot of time determining who the best partner would be to move Tradeshift to the next level, not just with regard to our funding, but also our global expansion strategy. Scentan Ventures has a clear understanding of our vision, and is aligned with our ambition to connect every business on the planet on one shared platform. Couple this with Japan’s appetite for change and innovation, and its ranking as the world’s third largest economy, and the decision was made easy.”



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