TraqCloud Allows You To Track Your Kids No Matter Where They Are


TraqCloud Allows You To Track Your Kids No Matter Where They Are

TraqCloud, an upcoming GPS/tracking startup, is currently raising funds for their Traqcloud tracking device. The device is the size of a pager and you can track anyone, anywhere in the world. The device uses advance cloud system that integrates with accurate location pinpointing to return an exact location.


The startup is looking to raise about 46,000$ on kickstarter with more than 40 days to go. Traqcloud is your own personalized tracking device that can practically fit anywhere. This powerful little gadget only cost 20 dollars and can be used to track anyone or anything. You can use your tablet, mobile, or desktop to locate the location of the device.

Founder Matthew, came up with the idea of inventing a tracking device when he almost lost track of his own child, who at the time was 3 years old. Before this, Matthew worked for some of the top IT enterprises including Yammer, Persistent, Cloud, Saas, and many more. Co Founder Michael is a talented engineer who has won over 3 electronic contests.

TraqCloud comes with an integrated sims card with the option of using your own sim card. The quad frequency gsm module will allow it to operate in any country. The included pre-activated sim will work in most major countries, but you are also free to use your own sim which guarantees it will work in the country you want.

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One of the unique way to use this product is to attach it to any expensive shipping package. The reason you want to do this is because shipping insurance is quite expensive for valuable items. This item only cost $20, so incase the package is lost we will know where to retrieve it.

Find Your Kids

If you have a teenager that you are always worried about or a little kid that runs around the park a lot. Attaching this to their car, draw, backpack, diapers, anywhere you can think of, might make you feel more secure about your kids. Next time your kids lie to you about where they are, you can use Traqcloud to figure out whether or not they are lying!

Prevent Theft

People get their items stolen everyday, but how often does the police actually recover your items? Imagine if you had this in your purse or bag. You could potentially assist the police in catching a criminal and getting back your accessories!

Speed Monitor

The cloud service supposedly also notifies you if the person with the device is speeding. Next time your teen kid drives your car out, you will be able to know whether or not they were speeding!

Battery Life

According to their campaign’s information, The battery will last 1 day with continuous use at the fastest 10 second acquisition rate. Slowing the acquisition down to once per day the battery can last up to 2 weeks The default rate is once per minute. A larger external battery can be used to extend the time period as needed or plugging into a 12V car outlet will allow the unit to continuously recharge.

Get one for 20 dollar now or check out the startups kickstarter campaign here:

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