Trendrating Secures $1 Million in Seed Funding.


Trendrating Secures $1 Million in Seed Funding.

Trendrating, a provider of proven market and portfolio analytics to global investment managers, announced today that it has raised $1 million in seed financing to expand sales operations in London and New York. The investor list includes New York based Angelic Ventures, a family office headed by former Thomson Reuters CEO, Tom Glocer. Mr. Glocer is also Chairman of the Trendrating Advisory Board. A group of European Angel Investors also participated in the round.


Trendrating provides easy to use portfolio management tools to meet the dynamic needs of global financial institutions. The product was developed for portfolio managers to capture alpha and smart beta by providing momentum strategies that can easily fit into most investment styles. The battle tested product suite adds discipline to investment decisions, reducing the risk of behavioral-driven mistakes influenced by emotion and crowd mentality.


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Trendrating issues Grades to assess the direction and quality of medium-long term price trends for Equities, Indices, Sectors, ETFs and Currencies. Trendrating filters out price swings and false moves and identifies true underlying trends which are 70-to-80% accurate during live market conditions. It eliminates noise while complementing any investment strategy with intelligent momentum analytics.

“We are excited at the level of interest we have received from investors who are industry visionaries,” said CEO Rocco Pellegrinelli. “There is an over abundance of analytical tools on the market which are overly complicated, too expensive and largely ineffective. Trendrating accurately follows the direction of price trends on a medium-long term time frame and enables portfolio managers to increase performance without undergoing numerous steps of analysis or time consuming research. We are very pleased to serve over 20 customers after completing a 9 month beta period earlier this year. Price momentum is gaining traction as a key factor of added value and I believe Trendrating is in a unique position to lead this area of the market.”

“I chose to get involved with Trendrating because I have admired Rocco and his team for many years and believe that the markets lack tools which bring a disciplined approach to long term investing,” commented Tom Glocer, Managing Partner of Angelic Ventures L.P. “The Trendrating team has a proven track record providing solutions which investment professionals value as evidenced by the acquisition of their previous company Brainpower by Bloomberg.”

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