Tresorit, The Security System Immune To The Heartbleed Hack.


Tresorit, The Security System Immune To The Heartbleed Hack.

The secure cloud storage and sharing provider known as, Tresorit, has shown to not be affected by the recent Heartbleed crisis. Its highly sophisticated security model makes its nearly impossible to even hack. In order to prove this, Tresorit has  recently been offering a $25,000 to anyone who can get user data of of their Tresorit servers.


This was made even easier when Tresorit had decided to open there firewall to the servers and provided admin rights. Regardless of this, Major technical centers including MIT, Stanford, Caltech, and Harvard have all given it a try to win the prize but, as of date, none have managed to succeed. At the moment, Tresorit increased the reward to $50,000.

“Recent vulnerabilities like Heartbleed underscore the data security risks being faced by businesses and consumers alike,” says Tresorit CEO Istvan Lam. “Tresorit is designed to withstand modern day data security risks. Unlike its competitors Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, Tresorit is immune to SSL bugs like Heartbleed.”

“More alarming than the Heartbleed bug itself, is that it existed for two years before being discovered. What users should understand is that other vulnerabilities likely exist that have yet to be identified. Heartbleed, and the recent revelations of mass surveillance by the NSA, have proven that the current model of online security is broken. Tresorit’s zero-knowledge technology is engineered with a forward-looking view of handling privacy and security.” said Mr. Lam.


Tresorit has a secure cloud storage and sharing service, based on patented cryptographic research. It provides higher levels, end-to-end security, as well as being really simple to use, unlike most traditional security products. Its solution have become ideal for small and medium sized enterprises who need compliance, security and confidentiality, as well as collaboration and backup, Tresorit is a secure cloud storage services that is available on all major platforms.

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