TRIARROWS Announces The Launch For Their KickStarter Campaign.


TRIARROWS Announces The Launch For Their KickStarter Campaign.

TRIARROWS has been designing and manufacturing affordable luxury watches since 2010, and now they are announcing a Kickstarter campaign to kick off the launch of two new timepiece collections. Backers to the campaign can secure early-bird pricing on seven different luxury watch designs from their Poet or Gentry lines, all of which were designed in-house by the TRIARROWS team.


All of the watches sold through the company’s Kickstarter campaign feature sapphire crystal lenses, offering unrivaled strength, durability, and scratch resistance. For no additional cost, backers may also opt for a butterfly clasp instead of a traditional buckle, which allows for reduced strain on the watch’s strap. A laser-engraved inscription of up to 18 characters on the buckle or clasp is also available for free through the campaign. Early-bird pricing for each timepiece starts at $88 CAD, $60 less than the retail price, but slots are limited.

TRIARROWS is not the first to offer luxury watches at a price point anyone can afford. Unlike some other companies, however, all of TRIARROWS’s timepieces are designed in-house from the ground-up, from case to dial to strap. This allows the company to ensure that their vision and design principles are reflected in every aspect of their products.

TRIARROWS believes in emphasizing the lofty ideas of “Life” and “Time” in their timepieces, so that each one offers its owner a truly personal experience and always reminds them to “live in the moment”. Their designs are on-trend while remaining classic, meaning that they will look stylish without ever going out of fashion. The TRIARROWS team values both form and function, offering modern technical elements while ensuring that each watch is unique, fashionable, timeless, and well-matched to its wearer’s lifestyle.


The four designs in the Poet collection emphasize the swift passage of time, inviting wearers to slow down and enjoy every possible moment and experience. The collection was designed with a traveler in mind, traveling to different places, seeing differing lifestyles and enjoying the distinct cultures of the world. The dial evokes images of a railroad map, conjuring up visions of passing scenery viewed through the windows of a train.

The Gentry collection contains three watches, all of which are designed around the concepts of ambition and success. Those seeking achievement and career success understand the value of every second, so the watches in this collection offer an inlaid seconds dial, emphasizing the passing of every vital second. These timepieces are perfect for anyone who hopes to aim for the top – whatever that means to them.

The Kickstarter campaign has already secured more than 77% of its funding goal. The campaign will continue until September 9th, but there a limited number of early-bird reward slots still available.

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