Tribune’s Newsbeat App Has A Robot Read You the News.


Tribune’s Newsbeat App Has A Robot Read You the News.

The technology and innovation arms of Tribune Company, Tribune Digital Ventures, has announced today the launch of Newsbeat, a mobile application that will provide audio stream with over 7,000 news stories each day from hundreds of various leading newspapers and websites. By using the a mix of human voice-overs and advanced text-to-speech technology, Newsbeat will deliver a newscast experience that will be personal and unique for everyone. Newsbeat app is currently available for a free download on Android and iOS Devices.

“Newsbeat offers a new way to experience the best print and online news in a personalized audio streaming format,” said Shashi Seth, president of Tribune Digital Ventures.  “We’ve married high-quality journalism from respected reporters and publications with mobile technology to extend its reach and appeal to an audience that is often on-the-go.”

Personalizing and Commuting.

Podcast and talks shows can be really hand for a daily commute, but its quite difficult to find ones that can cover news one would like to hear. With Newsbeat listeners can access thousands of stories from top newspapers and websites and personalize their news by selecting the publication they follow the most, topics users want to feature and concentrate on news sections based on the interest of the users. While listening, one can navigate the news back if they had missed a pat of the story or even skip ahead of stories they have no interest over.

The application can be easily heard through headphones or paired with Bluetooth systems in cars. By setting the distance between home and work location, commuters can listen to their relevant and important news stories they wish to listen to while traveling back home. Its also possible to set it up to receive any local weather and traffic updates throughout the segments of their news to stay alert for any possible delays.

Sources and Topics.

When starting the Newsbeat application up, listener s will be prompted to spend a few minutes on customizing there setting by choosing topics of interest, preferred sections and their favorite publishers. Its possible to also select specific unique topics like sports teams, Television shows, and the names of celebrities they are fans of. This gives the user a unique news experience that can be constantly be customized to make Newsbeat confront to their ways. Newsbeat will continue to improve over time as more listeners interact with stories.

Hundreds of licensed new sources in the U.S have provided Newsbeat with their stories, those include the Tribune newspaper, such as the Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, and Los Angeles Times. Newsbeat creates a new distribution channel for both print and online news sources, allowing content to reach new audiences with attribution. Newsbeat technology will ensure breaking news can be delivered in real-time, as soon as its been published by new sites.


Newsbeat will also be supporting advertising throughout the news segments. With Newsbeats experience in personalizing the channels, they can offer advertisers a powerful way to reach their right audience through the platform at the right time with the right message.Tribune will leverage its expertise in print and broadcast advertising sales to build a robust portfolio of national and local advertisers.

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