Triggerfox Reinvents the Mobile Address Book With $1.8M Funding.


Triggerfox Reinvents the Mobile Address Book With $1.8M Funding.

Designed to help Professionals build a better business relationship with their customers, Triggerfox has recently announced the launching of an all new iPhone application, as well as a successful $1.8 million financial investment round that was led by a group of Toronto and Boston based angel investor, which include Co-founder of Hubspot Dharmesh Shah and Wayne Chang of Twitter.

Contacts and Relationships.

Trigger fox will organize the contacts from a user’s phone, calendar, social media, and email into one single unified address book. The application will also provide the user with relevant updates that are most important to their relationship and make it easier to take an instant following action, like sending someone a real hand written thank you card.

Frank Falcone Founder and former CRM Product lead for Microsoft and Program Director at the Rotman Executive Centre for CRM Excellence, Triggerfox had gone under an in-depth period of R&D to understand the behaviors and action of high performing professionals who excel at creating strong business relationships.

“The challenge today is our contacts are scattered across many digital locations and devices, which makes it difficult to keep track of your important business relationships,” said Frank Falcone, founder of Triggerfox. “Building and maintaining relationships is not easy – that’s why we created Triggerfox. We wanted to help busy professionals keep in touch and top-of-mind with customers, prospects and colleagues.”

Keith Ferrazi one of the best selling authors and relationship experts around, explained, “Triggerfox combines the art and science of building better business relationships by making it easy to share acts of generosity with the people who matter most to you. We’ve seen that professionals who focus on sharing their time, knowledge, network and generosity maintain stronger business relationships.”

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