TripTrist Travel Planner Reveals a Camping Adventure WIthout Reservation.


TripTrist Travel Planner Reveals a Camping Adventure WIthout Reservation.

TripTrist Travel Planners has encouraging news if you want to go on a camping adventure for the long 4th of July weekend. It is possible to camp without reservations even though in most campgrounds in the United States were reserved months ago.


There are three ways go camping without reservations. Start by checking ReserveAmerica.comto see if any campsites are available due to cancellations. Users may set up an alert to be notified if a specific park has availability. Next, look for campsites that don’t take reservations and get there early, referable a day or two before the weekend.

If there is nothing available, do not disrepair. There are millions of acres of publicly owned land across the United States that allow dispersed camping.

When setting up a camp outside of a developed campground or park, it is called dispersed camping. Dispersed camping is allowed anywhere in the National Forest or Bureau of Land Management lands. These are public lands that the federal government oversees. As long as the general rules are followed, camp can be set up as close or as far from civilization as desired.

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Camping in the wilderness means following some rules:

Place your campsite at least 200 feet from any stream, 150 feet from a roadway and 100 feet from one mile from a campground.
Be Bear Aware. There are bears on the National Forest, so camp accordingly.
Leave the area as you found it. Back out all trash and waste. Follow Leave No Trace guidelines.
When on camping on BLM land, don’t stay longer than 14 days
When camping in the National Forest, Don’t stay longer than 16 days.
Do not leave campfires unattended. Put fires dead out before leaving the campsite or don’t have a fire at ,to eliminate the risk of starting a forest fire.


When deciding where to go, start by looking at a map of the destination. For example, Californians might want to drive up to the Sierra Mountains to enjoy the cool air, a clear view of the stars, and refreshing mountain streams and lakes. Open up Google Maps, look at map of the eastern California. All of the light green areas indicate National Forest or BLM land. Zoom in further and pick a target area. Keep in mind that vehicles must stay on existing roads and it is best to camp in previously used areas to reduce damage to the environment.

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