Trucking Now LLC Announces the Release of ChatterStack.


Trucking Now LLC Announces the Release of ChatterStack.

Trucking Now LLC announced the release of ChatterStack, the Internet’s first social-employment network for the trucking industry connecting job seekers, employees and employers.


With over a decade of recruiting experience, Paul Still, the founder of, has created a new system of recruiting and retention never before seen in the trucking world. In 2000, he predicted that the trucking industry would begin to move recruiting and hiring online. He put a team together and, in May of 2001, built the website that would set the industry standard for web-based recruiting for the trucking industry.

Seeing new trends, Paul Still is again poised to set the industry standard for web-based recruiting with a new company and a revolutionary social-employment network and recruitment management platform called ChatterStack.

For Employers, ChatterStack delivers drivers with aggressive, geo-targeted advertising solutions, and advanced screening features. In addition, employers can stay connected to their current team as well as connect with, and screen, new job candidates using ChatterStack’s online recruitment management platform.

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For Truckers, ChatterStack finds truck driving jobs that match their criteria, gives them background information on trucking companies, and provides them a method to streamline application submissions to multiple employers. Truckers can also stay in touch with their fellow drivers and learn which of their existing contacts can introduce them to the recruiter of their choice.

Paul Still also knows that truckers who come referred by a company employee are more likely to join the company and stay with the company when they are connected to a support system. ChatterStack creates that support system.

“ChatterStack is unlike anything currently available to trucking companies. Recruiters gain a ready-made network of referrals from their current drivers. For companies, this is particularly compelling because it provides valuable insights into the trustworthiness, reliability and work ethic of potential candidates — factors that are difficult to assess through applications and interviews alone,” says Paul Still.

Recruiters want, and need, ChatterStack because it enables them to leverage referrals from their existing employees and driver pools and to prioritize and track applicants from one platform.

There is no charge for users or for maintaining a professional profile on ChatterStack and connecting to drivers. Recruiters and companies can list positions on ChatterStack. The first job post is free. Listings run for 30 days, and there is an option to promote jobs and companies on the ChatterStack site for an additional fee. Invoicing and subscription packages are available for companies, brokers and agents wishing to purchase listings in bulk.

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    Kevin I appreciate the write up, as a startup its a trial by perspiration out there and more of us fail than succeed – from it won’t be from lack of trying on our part if it’s the other for us. We strongly believe we are creating a culture shit in the employer-employee relationship and provides the tools and incite for companies to see people as more than a number.
    Thanks again for the post! Very, very appreciated.

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