TrueShip’s Amazon Shipping Plugin Now Supports Multiple Accounts.


TrueShip’s Amazon Shipping Plugin Now Supports Multiple Accounts.

TrueShip is pleased to announce that their popular Amazon shipping plugin for ReadyShipper now fully supports multiple Amazon accounts. This multiple account feature is ideal for shopkeepers who are hosting more than one store on Amazon. It allows them to manage their order and fulfillment from a single copy of ReadyShipper, even if they host more than one Amazon account.


ReadyShipper’s multi-carrier shipping solutionsis designed to integrate into the most widely used ecommerce sales channels. Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, and hosts millions of online sellers. Users can choose to either opt for fulfillment via Amazon or they can self-fulfill their orders using a system like ReadyShipper.

ReadyShipper monitors the active Amazon Merchant accounts of the user, and imports new orders as they stream into the system. It interprets the order status and will not import orders that have been marked as “shipped.” It also updates the Merchant Account after orders have been fulfilled, per the biding guidelines of the customer service policy, as set forth by Amazon.

As customers place orders and select their shipping method, ReadyShipper is able to convert these methods into a compatible format for all three major U.S. carriers (FedEx, UPS and USPS). It allows for the creation of custom rules, like choosing your preferred carrier and shipping methods automatically, and converts the information into a carrier-specific format. Users can check rates between carriers, process orders one at a time or in batch, edit batches and generate reports at the push of a button.


With the newest update to ReadyShipper’s Amazon plugin, the multi-carrier desktop shipping software allows users to maintain multiple Amazon accounts in one system. This is ideal for users that are operating two different stores that cover differing niches. The software is able to seamlessly manage the order and fulfillment of each store from one license.

“If you’ve got two Amazon accounts or are running multiple stores, there’s no reason to have to double-up on your shipping software. ReadyShipper supports multiple Amazon accounts so you can run your ecommerce business with just one system,” said Dan Koernke, President of Sales at TrueShip.

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