TrulySocial, A Startup That Teaches People How To Flirt


TrulySocial, A Startup That Teaches People How To Flirt

TrulySocial is a London based startup that teaches people how to flirt through their mobile app. The startup currently has two products, one is an educational video game that teaches people how to flirt and another is a platform for meeting real people after playing the game.

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TrulySocial isn’t an ordinary dating app or website. The app uses interactive games to teach you how to flirt and approach another gender. The startup’s main app is an app called Flirt Planet. Flirt Planet aspires to make the world a more social, happier and less lonely place. Flirt Planet believes that people have a lot of connections/friends online, but not enough bonding type of real life friends. TrulySocial says,

In human courtship, you should know a) how and whom to select and b) how to attract, engage and retain “the right one”. Well, at least in theory, that’s what you should know and do. But, in practice, the problem is that there is no feedback loop. Over half a billion singletons globally lack affordable and available training to get “the one”. Out of all these singletons less than 1% have sought help to improve their skills. This is where Flirt Planet can help.

The first installment of the game is aimed towards helping you practice dating and interacting first. It is kind of sim city. The graphic is not perfect, but it gets to the point. You build your avatar, you enter a 3-D world, you assume the role of an alien from outer space, and you need to blend into human society, taking baby steps as you learn how to socialize.  You interact with the artificial intelligence through dialogue, facial expressions, and body language. You start your interaction and you’ll see a prompt from a character in the game, then you have various choices to respond. The game then goes through a series of events to help you improve your social skills.

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The startup claims that the game and app was designed with the help of professional behavioral psychologist and neuro scientist that can predict how a human brain thinks and interact. As you finish taking these baby stones with the first game, you can move onto their second product. The second product is called Planet Flirt Meet, which puts all the cartoon stuff aside. In Flirt Planet Meet, you’re interacting with real people in an online dating app. You can then meet up with person in real life and have fun.

The main difference between this and other popular dating app startups is that Trulysocial believes that the other dating apps act as brokers. The startup believes that that should not be the way someone learns how to date or flirt.

CEO of TrulySocial says,

 I started analyzing the online dating industry three years ago when I was at Berkley at Haas doing my MBA. When we got together as a team, we started seeing all of the problems online dating apps have, so with Flirt Planet Meet, we’ve designed the experience to be as user-friendly as possible. What happens on other dating sites is, if you’re an attractive female, you get bombarded by unsolicited e-mail. You might have 200 messages in your inbox, but they’re not necessarily the proper suitors. We want to cut that spam out of your inbox, so with Flirt Planet Meet, you send connection requests, and each connection request costs Flirt Juice, or energy. So it’s kind of like a Facebook friend request, and only when the connection is established can you chat freely. You’ll see all of your connection requests on a daily basis, and higher-quality users are more expensive to connect to. When the connection request is accepted, you can then chat as often as you like, similar to an instant messenger app. From there, you can take the relationship offline and meet in person.

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