Trusted Few, A Website Provides Homeowners Local Home Service Contractors.


Trusted Few, A Website Provides Homeowners Local Home Service Contractors.

Trust Few, the new website that provides excellent service from homeowners who demand it, from air ducting cleaning to window tinting, kitchen modeling to landscape design.


When homeowners are on the prowl for a quality roofer, home automation installer, or any one of the 100 home service categories listed at their main site, they receive recommendations of the three most highly rated and qualified local contractors.  Homeowner will now be able to request price quotes directly through the Trusted Few site. Once they work with a business found on Trusted Few, they can post a review on the company’s quality, punctuality and professionalism.



Unlike other sites that force their visitors to search through dozens of search results, Trusted Few utilizes a stringent business approval standards to limit each home service category’s search result down to three local businesses. Businesses listed down on Trusted Few must meet the placed requirements which include their registration and licensing, a four-star customer rating, and a minimum of three-year business history. Each business must also have a dedicated employee able to answer customer calls during normal business hours. These high standards help businesses get noticed by targeted leads who are searching to hire.

“Trusted Few provides the crème de la crème of contractors to homeowners who know the meaning of quality,” states Founder and Owner Michael Gasparenas, who spent two years carefully developing the site.

“Over years of experience in the corporate world and running multiple businesses, I found many fantastic small and big businesses that strive to provide great service without cutting corners,” Gasparenas says. “I also met homeowners who know the meaning of quality and who demand superior service. Trusted Few is the manifestation of both, bringing together demanding homeowners and qualified business owners in an efficient and manageable format.”

Trusted Few is a website where homeowners will be able to find the highly qualified contractors and home service professionals. Trusted Few provides only three carefully screened search results for each of its 100 categories. Quotes and estimates may be requested  directly from the site. Trusted Few is a seattle-based company and operates throughout the United States.

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