The Rise Of One Of The Greatest Startups, Tumblr


The Rise Of One Of The Greatest Startups, Tumblr

Tumblr, one of the biggest and well known blogging platform known to anyone who has been on the internet long enough. When David Karp was 17 year old he had decided to take a trip to japan on a self-discovery trip. one of his many dreams was to become and entrepreneur and possible build robots with his sharp computer code skills. The one thing that always held him back, was his self conscious feeling on how his voice sounded.

“I was so silly – I tried to be very formal and put on a deep voice to clients over the phone so I didn’t have to meet them and give away how young I was,” he says. “I lied about my age. I lied about the size of my team. I lied about my experience. I was so terribly embarrassed about it for so long. I should have just owned up.”

After a while Karp decided to return to the US and asked his father to draw up a bunch of contracts, with said contracts used to sweet talk a bunch of executives he manage to make connections with. He kept up his facade and created a consultancy company named Davidville. In doing so he manage to convince big companies like Viacom to hire him.

From Bedroom to fame

Now at the age of 27, Karp is at the top of one of the internet’s fastest growing startups. Tumblr Was founded in 2007,in a small bedroom apartment in New York, at the age of 21. Tumblr has been described of various other social media sites like Youtube and Twitte, but unlike those, the site allows users a

Now 25, Karp is at the helm of one of the internet’s fastest growing startups. He founded Tumblr in 2007, aged 21, from the bedroom of his mother’s apartment in New York. Often described as Twitter meets YouTube and WordPress, Tumblr lets its users finite amounts of media in one place online. The site was a huge success over night , gaining over 75,00 users during its first day of launch and host over more than 170.2 million blogs, ranging from fashion and politics, to pictures of various arts.

With this success it lead to a $800m valued startup that bested investors such as Virgin group chairman Sir Richard Branson. Of course, not everything was running completely smoothly with Tumblr.

“I thought I could totally beat the system and have this cool product that I would never need to raise money for, I would never need to sell out, because [Tumblr] would bring all the attention to this [consultancy]business where people would ask us to build them a website,” he says. And it worked – for a few months. Karp kept up his consultancy gig until Tumblr began doubling its number of users every few weeks. “Our clients eventually got more and more pissed off because I wasn’t returning their calls and at that point I was just totally fucking it up. Clearly they could see Tumblr was my one and only and they were getting shafted.”

With this pressure surrounding them, Karp had to decide weather it was time to get down and serious. Investors kept trying to convince him to send Tumblr to Silicon Valley, but Karp vehemently refused to do so. While he was defeint on this choice, he still sold 25% of his company as part of a $4.5 million funding round from Union Square Venturs and Spark Capital during the late 2008. While offers kept on coming in, he repeatedly turned them down on moving his company towards the more successful west coast. He rather not worry if about bigger companies like Google Or face book would snatch one of their talented engineers.

Tumblr has also had some famous names give shout outs to it and even had official owned accounts of various famous people such as, Lady Gaga and Barack Obama. Giving the site a gleam of celebrity recognition. The true force that keeps Tumblr alive are the dedicated users such as, photographers, designers and musicians that post. All of their content and be re-blogged and shared with an even bigger crowed of people then they could before. 85% of Tumblr users post more than 20 times a month on average.

Sometime around September 7, 2012 In an interview with bloomberd, Karp mentioned the site was monetized by advertisement.  Ads began to appear sometime around May after running 16 different experimental runs. Tumblr manage to make around $13 million in revenue thanks to this campaign and will continue in hopes of making around $100 million.



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