Turkey Blocks Access To Twitter, Users Find Ways To Evade Ban.


Turkey Blocks Access To Twitter, Users Find Ways To Evade Ban.

Twitter has been trying to offer a workaround for users in Turkey, after the country had decided to block Twitter over its alleged refusal to remove certain Web links. This move by the Turkish Government was confirmed on Friday by the country’s telecommunications regulator and the state news agency Anadolu.

Before this came to be, local newspapers had reported that the government had been thinking of blocking Twitter’s website as the company had refused to abide by court orders requiring them to deleting certain contents.

Court Order.

Twitter had been issued an order by a court in Turkey to remove certain web link after receiving complaints from citizens, but the company officials had decided to remain indifferent to the verdicts, despite having officials approach them, the Anadolu Agency was quoted on Thursday from a government statement.

“Access to Twitter may be blocked as a last resort to avert the unjust treatment ofA our citizensA in case of a continuation of this ignorance of the court rulings,” Anadolu quoted the prime minister’s press center as stating.

Nu Wexler, spokesman for Twitter, did not comment when asked if the service had been officially blocked in the country but had lead us towards messages by policy, the feed from Twitters’s global policy team. In one Particular message, the company advised its Turkish users to seed tweets by using Short Message Service, through local mobile carriers such as Vodafone, Turkcell, and Avea.

Ban Evasion.

Some users had managed to by pass the block by using techniques like a mediator proxy servers to access their Twitter accounts. One particular users to stand out from the continuous tweets is Turkey’s very own President Abdullah Gul, who has stated that he is against the block placed on Twitter.

The Communications Technologies Institution, which has recently gained a huge amount of power with the recently passed Internet law, has listed three court rulings and one prosecutors decision on there website explaining the reason behind the outage, reported the Hurriyet Daily News.

The Vice President of the European Commission, Neelie Kros, has stated in a message that the Twitter ban in Turkey is “groundless, pointless, cowardly.” This move will be seen as censorship by not only the Turkish people but the international community as well, which it really is, she added. Erdogan had also threatened to block both Facebook and YouTube in Turkey with the new Internet laws in place.

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