Turkey Moves To block YouTube After Audio Recording Leak.


Turkey Moves To block YouTube After Audio Recording Leak.

The Turkish authorities have finally shut down Youtube in a similar manner to that of Twitter, from within their borders. This action was taken a week after the country had managed to block Twitter, it has been condemned as another “desperate and depressing move by Turkey” commented Neekie kroes, Vice President of the European Commission.

How It Began.

This first began on Thursday during a reaction to the posting of a conversation of what seems to be Turkey’s foreign minister, Intelligence chief and a senior member of the armed forces that seem to concern a possible or hypothetical attack against the militants of their neighboring country Syria.

“It’s like the first wave of the Twitter blocking that happened last week,” said Doug Madory at Internet monitoring company Renesys. The company had commented on the fact that they could not access several of their remote systems in the country towards several Google-ran websites for a couple of hours after Turkey’s telecommunications authority had said they would be blocking the sites.

Twitter was was blocked right after the social media platform had bee used to spread various links of a video that appear to show the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a possible corruption scandal.

Building Blocks

They first began by blocking the site through DNS (domain name system), the servers that allowed youtube.com domain name to be translated into the numeric Internet address that used by computers to communicate. When Turkish users had managed to figure out that they could by pass the DNS restriction by switching to use Google’s DNS service, the government moved to block access to that as well.

Thursday’s blocking of YouTube seems to be the same manner of restriction that’s being placed on the DNS entry for the sites, and its working, said Doug Madory at Rensys.

Google DNS has become available to the people of Turkey once again, but Twitter is still continued to be blocked, said Madory.

The government is still currently block Twitters’s IP address and users have begun to use VPN (virtual private network) connection to by pass the restriction once again.

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