Twitch Plays Pokemon Finally Reaches Its Climax.


Twitch Plays Pokemon Finally Reaches Its Climax.

A recent social experiment had begun a while back on the streaming site know as Twitch, with people gathering from all over onto one particular channel by the name of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

The Playing Field.

Twitch Plays Pokemon is exactly as it sounds, the users who join the room are able to control the character and is able to interact with them through a series of captured specific messages. one someone them sends a command through the chat room the emulator will take up the inputted word and move the character in the specified manner. Of course with thousands upon thousands of people involved in the with playing the game, the system has a way for it to filter all of the commands and tally’s up the amount of votes for a the command. once its been processed the character will move or follow through with the option most chosen.

The System and Reason’s Behind Twitch Plays Pokemon.

This system was created by an Australian programmer who has so far decided to keep anonymous over their identity. The script behind this was made from Python and the Game Boy emulator know as Visual Boy Advance. The reason Pokemon red and blue of all games where chosen was not just because of its nostalgia value with many adults who grew up playing the games in their youth, the creator believed any other system wouldn’t have worked a genre that isn’t a JRPG game. Its turn-based system and the lack of fast paced reaction most other games would require to finish.

The Sweet Sweet End.

During the late night, The stream had finally managed to push there way towards the end and beat not only the Elite Four, which had begun during sometime around 11.a.m PT on Friday, and ending sometime around 1a.m Saturday morning. The streaming had a viewership of over 100,000 people near the endgame. Although it did lose more people as most seemed to have lost the will to continue fighting the Elite Four as the night went on. Eventually, there stubbornness finally payed off when they managed to defeat the main rival and at the time current champion Blue.



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