Twitch Rolls Out Its New Feature, ‘Group Chat’ in beta mode.


Twitch Rolls Out Its New Feature, ‘Group Chat’ in beta mode.

It can be pretty amazing have over 100,00 people watching a live event on Twitch. Although its less then spectacular when those 100,000 are endlessly spamming the chat room at the same time, luckily it seems the livestreaming platform has been hard at work for a solution to this conundrum.

Beta Mode.

Twitch will being to launch a beta testing of its new group chat soon. This feature will allow the users of Twitch to stream videos of their gameplay to a much smaller group of friends privately, with invitation being the only we to get in the room. The standard lobby will continue on, uninterrupted. Twitch has been treating this as an introduction into social networking. It wants broadcaster to use the group chat to stay in touch with some of their best gaming buddies. This move will represent Twtich’s next step into growing its social game after getting its platform integrated on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

“There’s no question Twitch chat is the social glue that brings the community together,” Twitch vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro said. “You haveFacebook for your life, LinkedIn for your job, and Twitch for your gaming. Because of our prominent presence in the social arena, introducing group chat offers a compelling new way for the community to interact.”


The group chat will first start off with Twitch partners only. This means only people who are running bigger channels will have access to create these private rooms, but they can invite anyone they wish into them. This feature will also only work on the Web version of Twitch, so as for now, they will not be accessible to mobile or console application.

Similar to that of the standard chat room on Twitch, broadcaster will have the ability to ban or suspend people, They can also set anyone they wish as moderators. Twitch commented that it will release a public version of this feature depending on how well the beta testing goes.

This is one of the many latest addition Twitch has made to its services. The company has evolved into a industry giant over the past year. With over 45 million monthly viewers, and during its peak hours, it has become the fourth most trafficked Internet network, standing behind giants like Apple, Google, and Netflix. Over the last couple of months, It has  worked along side Sony and Micrsoft to include an integrated video-streaming capabilities onto each of their new consoles. This has seen hundreds of thousands of new broadcaster joining the streaming site.

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