Twitter Acquires France’s Mesagraph And UK’s SecondSync


Twitter Acquires France’s Mesagraph And UK’s SecondSync

Twitter seems to have set there eyes on the television audiences outside the US with its recent announcement of purchasing a European social analytics companies Mesagraph and SecondSync.

At the moment, the terms behind the deal have not been disclosed, but Twitter has confirmed to various sources that it has managed to purchase both companies, instead of trying to hire certain staff members from the company.


The Paris-based startup, Mesagraph provides analytic to TV broadcasters within France on how their audiences digitally interact with their shows. SecondSync  the three-year-old UK-based startup, shops with products for broadcasters and advertisers to measure the TV-related conversation that happen around Twitter. Both of these business run their own social TV product, which will likely only remain open during the time of the current contract has obligated them too.

This shows signs of Twitters Intention to transport there US television strategy towards audiences that are located outside the US. During the past 8 years, the social network has become a gather places for people to discuss various entertainment such as sports and live broadcasts, as well as their favorite television shows. Ever since 2013, the social network had made  its steps into capitalizing on the attention in states by purchasing analytics firms BlueFin Labs and developing a social television rating system with Nielsen.

Expanding Strategy.

The stateside TV strategy has been working positively well, and the company would like to create a similar success in the European region and possible the rest of the world as well, since demands for Twitter Intelligence continues to grow in non-US regions.

More signs that point towards Twitter sudden seriousness around television’s, is its recent announcement made on Monday as its expanded its relationship with market research firm Kantar, The companies, which are at the moment working to create a social TV measurement standards in places like the UK and Spain, are partnering on tools for Russia, Nordics, and various parts of Africa and southern east Asia. Twitter said on their blog post.

“These initiatives reflect the strength of our commitment to the social TV market,” wrote Twitter Vice President of Global Business Development Jana Messerschmidt. “We look forward to continuing work with partners around the world to make watching TV with Twitter even better.”

Twitter went on further to say, that both Mesagraph and SecondSync teams will relocated to Twitter’s UK office based in London.

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