Twitter Cures The Bug Exploiting Thousands of Protected Accounts.


Twitter Cures The Bug Exploiting Thousands of Protected Accounts.

Privacy on social media sites aren’t always 100% guaranteed. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are built on the concept of sharing all sorts of information and interacting with others. While a user can limit what they wish to share and to whom they wish to share, but once the information has been placed in the serves, all control is gone.

The Bug Announcement.

Unfortunately it seems that some bad news has managed to spread around of another screw up by Twitter, with another recent announcement that a bug has managed to affect over 98,788 protected accounts, which allowed any unauthorized users to read any previously protected tweets.

“We were alerted to and fixed a bug in our system that, for 93,788 protected accounts under rare circumstances, allowed non-approved followers to receive protected tweets via SMS or push notifications since November 2013. As part of the bug fix, we’ve removed all of these unapproved follows, and taken steps to protect against this kind of bug in the future”, announced Bob Lord, Director of Information Security at Twitter.

Lord continues with , “while the scope of this bug was small in terms of affected users, that does not change the fact that this should not have happened. We’ve emailed each of these affected users to let them know about this bug and extend our whole-hearted apologies”.

Luckily Twitter managed to quickly respond towards fixing this latest bug debacle, it still something that should have never accrued. with this latest hiccup following last week panic inducing debacle, it could cost twitter some future problems with their users. Maybe someone will create a better social network then twitter and use these problems as way to show their sites is far better protected then theirs.


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