Twitter Has Invaded Mobile Ads With its MoPub.


Twitter Has Invaded Mobile Ads With its MoPub.

Twitter has recently unveiled that its acquisition over MoPub, six months ago for a total of $350 million, has manged to deliver its first solid advertising play, announcing that it will make it much simpler for advertise to promote their mobile application on the Twitter timeline.


Acquisitioning Mopub was seen as an attempt by Twitter to boost their share of mobile advertising and now it appears that th company is going after the space that Facebook has dominated in, running ads inside mobile applications. During a blog post, Twitter stated that its has launched a private beta platform that shall provide a new ad unit that mixes up “the best of Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets”, allowing users to easily install and interact with the application.

“We have developed a full suite of targeting, creative and measurement tools to enable Twitter advertisers to effectively promote their mobile apps,” Twitter said.

Makreters have grown to be frustrated over the immense amount of mobile application available to consumers and the problem of discovering promotion has plagued uptake of branded content applications. Twitter has also been under pressure to increase user interaction and prove to investors that it has manage to develop products and tools that allow advertise to reach the appropriate audience.


The company said advertisers will now be able to target what it claims to be an active user base made up of 241 million people, and has more than one billion mobile devices off-twitter, through its one interface at Twitter further added  that more products were in the pipelines.

“This is the first of many opportunities to join Twitter and MoPub to create a large-scale, rich and well-targeted advertising platform — one that provides high ROI for marketers, and a great experience for users,” the company said.


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