Twitter Launches Another New Ad Unit To Stimulate Traffic To Websites.


Twitter Launches Another New Ad Unit To Stimulate Traffic To Websites.

Twitter continues to cater towards marketers with a new adverting unit designed to help them better catch the attention of he 241 million members who utilize the use of the social network and direct them back specific parts of their websites.

The Card.

Sometime during Friday, the social media site announced the “Website Card” as a way for advertisers to show off their website content from within tweets and point audiences to any page of their sites. A small business can, for example. utilize the unit to target lovers of coffer with a little latte art and a prompt to read even more.

“This card allows users to easily discover interesting content while giving advertisers the ability to drive a higher volume of URL clicks since users are able to preview an image, related context and a clear call to action in their timeline before tapping,” revenue product manager Derek Dukes wrote in a blog post.

Twitter said the unit has proven highly effective at stimulating quality traffic to sites for earlier tester such as Citrix and Betabrand. The Website Card is the second new ad type to makes its debut during these past two weeks. Twitter had recently went like with a test of a Facebook-esque mobile install ads for app makers who wish to use Twitter to increase downloads. The company will also employ the distribution potential of its MoPub ad network to give users access to people on more than 1 billion devices.


These efforts are all designed to help Twitter increase growth into advertising into a billion-dollar-plus business. When compared with others like Google and Facebook, Twitter makes treats. During Next week, the company will be going under its quarterly, check in with Wall Street, and analysys are anticipating an estimanted amount of $241 in revenue for the first three months in 2014. At the meantime, Facebook brought in over $2.5 billion in total revenue in the first quarter, with $2.27  billion coming from desktop and mobile ads sales.

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