Twitter Purchases Startup Data Partner Gnip.


Twitter Purchases Startup Data Partner Gnip.

Twitter has recently acquired the Colorado-based startup Gnip, which specializes in giving its users access to data from Twitter. Gnips is one of the handful of companies that has full access to the stream of activity from Twitter, which has gathered a lot of knowledge on how to deal with such massive data volumes and deliver it as a product to businesses. Terms behind this deal have not been disclosed for the time being.


For Twitter, purchasing Gnip, which also provides data on more than a dozen other media platforms, which include Foursqaure and Tumblr, means that this will provide users with the type of data they’ve always asked for, but Twitter itself never really seemed interested in delivering. Rather than providing arbitrary starts about tweets per minutes or trending topics around entertainment events, Gnip allows its users to search for and receive every single tweet, and all of the surrounding metadata, that meets their criteria. Its most used services is the streaming service, but Gnip will also be offering a historical search from the entire works of tweets.


From what can be gathered from Twitter’s blog post announcing this acquisition, it sounds as if Twitter intends to not only keep Gnip’s business intact and expand it as well:

“We want to make our data even more accessible, and the best way to do that is to work directly with our customers to get a better understanding of their needs….

“We believe Gnip has only begun to scratch the surface. Together we plan to offer more sophisticated data sets and better data enrichments, so that even more developers and businesses big and small around the world can drive innovation using the unique content that is shared on Twitter. We will continue making our data available to Gnip’s growing customer base. And with the help of Gnip’s Boulder-based team, we will be extending our data platform — through Gnip and our existing public APIs — even further.”


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