Twitter Security Error Causes Massive Password Reset.


Twitter Security Error Causes Massive Password Reset.

Twitter recently had to send massive amounts of emails to users for a password reset due to some sort of error caused with their system. Of course not many knew that until a while later.

The Mass Panics.

During the beginning of March 3rd, a large percentage of Twitter users had went into a panic upon laying their sight on emails informing them to reset their Twitter passwords due to potential security issues with a third-party website. The emails everyone had received were definitely not an attempt at a joke from a group of pranksters and confirmed to be real. The supposed security breech was not a actual issue or some sort of phishing attempt and no account where compromised, this was all just a simple error.

Whats Been Gathered.

From what we have managed to learn, it was a security warning that had been triggered by accident. It’s possible that someone working at Twitter had touched the wrong button and the reset password emails towards many Twitter users, but so far no accounts have been actually hacked.

“Twitter believes that your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter,” read the notification email. “We’ve reset your password to prevent accessing your account.”

Frustration and Apologies.

Not surprisingly the emails caused a lot of Twitter users to become frustrated over the their unnecessary panic after believing it was an actual security issue that had affected their accounts. A spokesperson from Twitter has managed to come front and acknowledged that the emails had been sent by accident and was nothing more than en error on their part.

“We unintentionally sent some password reset notices tonight due to a system error,” the company reckoned in a statement to CNET. “We apologize to the affected users for the inconvenience.”

The company has not offered any addition details of this accidents. nor has it been revealed how many users have become affected by this massive reset. Unfortunately  not everyone has managed to gain their emails to reset their Twitter accounts and a considerable amount of people where most likely to have been affected.


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