Uber is Launching A Courier Delivery Service in New York.


Uber is Launching A Courier Delivery Service in New York.

Uber has decided to launch an on-demand courier service Manhattan, which will allow users to request item pickup and deliver through the use of a smartphone application.

The Works.

According to the job listing obtained by sources, Ubers plans to pay bike couriers between $20 and $30 per hour for their “on-demand deliveries” Uber plans to give the couriers a free iPhone 4S, allowing them to “Receive pickup request from nearby customers”

Uber had confirmed this recent news in a release official statement, along with the name of the service being called UberRUSH. Contact with Uber regarding this recent news has been attempted, but the company has not confirmed nor denied it.

This news was planned by Uber to be announced on Tuesday, but the company didn’t really keep too much of a tight lip about these new plans. Uber will have a list of delivery jobs on Craiglist and even shared hints new service on Twitter.

Requirements and Competition.

Uber will be requiring their couriers to be at least over the age of 21 and have the ability to travel by by, and/or an unlimited Metro card. Couriers must also complete a background check and stop by Uber’s New York office for a mandatory “onboarding session.”

This new initiative compliment some of Ubers past experiments, like the time when the company had offered a Christmas tree delivery in New York. This new delivering services has managed to arrive during a unique time in New York. The city saturated with on-demand delivery services.

One of the most interesting services, Gett, a similar car service that competes against Uber, had recently announced a similar initiative in partnership with WunWun, a New York-based delivery startup.

Uber’s own upcoming services will only allow for pickups and delivery of items, no purchases can be made by couriers. This means that the services will fall in line with the more traditional bike couriers.

Although, WunWun goals are for it to operate in a more similar fashion of a personal assistant than a delivery utility.

Uber’s new services will most likely be competing with eBay Now, Postmates, WunWun, and others, as customers continue to purchase items ahead of time and schedule pickup and delivery through the use of its application.

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