The Uber-like Online Matchmaker Services Known As Dating Ring.


The Uber-like Online Matchmaker Services Known As Dating Ring. 

Dating Ring, an up coming startup, has sets its goals to become somewhat similar to that of Uber instead of Tinder, with its 20ish founders of the site setting their goals to take some of the harsh work out of the wonderful, awful ,exciting and frustrating experience of dating. while Tinder matches users with local people who might be into them, but if the user decide to actually meet up with said people, they may or may not get what the had wanted from the application. People lie all the time after all.


Dating Ring want to put the stress at ease for a bit. In a similar fashion to Uber and the way they screen drivers, the Dating Ring will be screening members. That’s the pitch they have given out recently at the Y-combinator event. Once a person has filled out the online membership application, which can only be viewed by staff members, their team meets up in person with said potential member and other new potential members.

How It works.

The Dating Ring people will work some kind of matchmaking sequence and send out an invite for a six-person group “date”. All six people will be curated and specifically selected for that particular group outing due to the fact that the matchmaker believe there’s potential for chemistry. They will collect feedback afterwards about what went great or not, and who seems to have the most potential love match or friends etc.

According to the company each date will cost over 20 bucks, with 70 percent of their users go on a second date. Which is a pretty positive stat that show some good progress. Personally I have never trusted any matchmaking or online dating services but this sounds promising. The Dating Ring is currently only available in the New York and San Francisco areas for now. So if one is not located in any part of these cities then your outta of luck.

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