Uber Is Offering $500 To Divers From Rival Services To Switch To UberX.


Uber Is Offering $500 To Divers From Rival Services To Switch To UberX.

Ride-sharing service Uber has never been one to back away from a fight against its competitors, the company ha ran some tricky strategy’s in New York, for Instance, But recently they have deiced to go even beyond their previous schemes against Lyft and others after offering drivers from rival services $500 in cold cash, just for trying UberX out.

“This month, we’re rolling out incentives and referral programs to prove it to every driver who joins Uber. For drivers currently on another ridesharing platform, we’re offering new partners $500 after they do just one trip on uberX. For drivers already partnering with Uber, you can earn $500 just for referring someone new from another ridesharing platform,” the company writes on its blog.


During the previous December, TechCrunch reported that Uber was trying to allure Lyft drivers with an offer for $50 of free gas and a $500 bonus for picking 20 UberX customers during the month. Now the company’s optimism is even higher with its recent boast of, “drivers on Uber make more money than with any other ridesharing platform or taxi company. Period,” it says in the blog post, and its decided to give it their all with a recent offer of $500 for a single trip offer.

Uber has continued to expand at a rapid pace this year, and as of recently its managed to launch its 100th city globally, although UberX is not operation in most of those. Still, Lyft is also preparing to branch out oversea, having raised a total of $250 million round of funding during the previous month, which included an investment from Chinese giant Alibaba.


Lyft still has a very long way to go for them to stand against Uber’s global presence, but it has the funds and partners to get that push started and increase its rivalry.

Uber cites its insurance coverage for ridesharing and a recently introduced vehicle financing program as further reasons why “entrepreneurs” or in this case the drivers, should work for their company, it states that UberX drivers can earn a total of $100,000 per year.

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