UIEvolution Releases Their Breakthrough 3D Augmented Reality App.


UIEvolution Releases Their Breakthrough 3D Augmented Reality App.

UIEvolution, Inc., a global connected screen solutions company specializing in highly scalable mobile products and services, announces today the release of a 3D augmented reality application called Shatter Isle, representing a breakthrough for AR experiences. Shatter Isle uses Qualcomm® Vuforia™, a software platform that enables apps to see and connect digital experiences to physical products.


UIEvolution developed Shatter Isle to demonstrate the many possibilities of the next generation of augmented reality (AR), recognizing and interacting with individual objects for marketing and advertising purposes.

“We see value for our Enterprise clients to utilize AR to drive consumer engagement,” says Jennifer Hodges, Vice President of Product Studio at UIEvolution. “Until recently, augmented reality applications were only able to recognize single objects on flat surfaces. Developing Shatter Isle was important for us to showcase our ability to extend this cutting edge computer vision technology for brands and consumer product companies. Shatter Isle truly demonstrates where the line between the real and the fantastic grows blurry.”

Shatter Isle.

Shatter Isle works by players identifying objects in the physical world that trigger virtual game elements and hazards. Players conquer each level of the augmented reality game, knocking down elaborate 3D structures in which everyday objects on the flat surface become part of the playing field. Players battle against the likes of knights and ogres in an immersive environment where the player’s home or office space seems to transform into the knight’s world of colorful floating islands. Adding a little intensity to the harmless physics genre, players must physically move out of the way to avoid incoming oncoming objects or risk “cracking” their smartphone screen.

Shatter Isle is free to play on the iOS App Store or Google Play. Recommended hardware includes iPhone 4s, Retina iPad or newer, and Android devices with a multicore processor and rear-facing camera.

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