Underground Cellar Officially Launches Its New Online Market Place.


Underground Cellar Officially Launches Its New Online Market Place.

An exciting new online wine marketplace that randomly rewards wine buyers with upgrades to rare and private-stash bottles from prestigious wineries, named Underground Cellar, has recently announced is coming out of its highly successful six-month long beta, and will be launching publicly. The website, which has been giving a revamping with all new looks and enhanced functionality allowing users to experience a much funner way in discovering and purchasing premium wines online.

To celebrates its upcoming launch, Undergound Cellar will be running a month long give away with a grand prize winner receiving a Sonoma “Winecation” Gateway for four people, this includes airfare, dinner, VIP winemaker experiences and a weekend stay at the luxurious Villa Terra Nova Wine Country Retreat in Sonoma, CA. Other prizes will also include over $3,000USD of gift cards for free wine, each card being worth $200 each.


Underground Cellar’s models itself around fighting the deep-discounting paradigm that exist within today’s online marketplaces. Unlike other plentiful “deep discount’ e-commerice companies. Underground Cellar takes its approach quite differently in order to help wineries move their inventory. Rather than providing value to its buyers through discounts, value provided through randomized upgrades to more premium wine. Not only will this allow the winery to maintain its price point by never advertising it at a discount, but it will also provide a more exciting way for wine consumers to experience the better quality wines the might not otherwise have purchased or even had access to.

“For several years now, wineries have looked to these ‘flash’ sites to sell their excess and overstocked wine, but at a huge cost — bastardization of their brand, reputation, and pricing structure,” said Jeffrey Shaw, founder and CEO, Underground Cellar. “The profits for wineries resulting from these flash sales are extremely inconsistent and do not provide reliable revenue streams sustainable over the long-term.”

Shaw continued: “There is a better way for wineries to quickly sell their wine without sacrificing their brand and future pricing structure. All they have to do is ditch the discounts and replace them with upgrades!”


Underground Cellar will also allow its members to assemble and store their purchases for free and for an unlimited amount of time in its state-of-the-art, humidity and temperature controlled wine Cellar that located within Napa Valley, CA. Dubbed the “CloudCellar”, members can mix-and-match bottles from various wineries over time, and when they are ready to receive them they can simply click on their “CloudCellar” tab and select which bottle they wish to be delivered to their door, members can even request them to arrive chilled and ready to be drank at nearly anywhere in the US. This provides buyers a much more cost-effective way to try out wines from many different wineries, because by collection bottles together the user can save on shipping fees, which are only $5 to ship 6 bottles, with free shipping for 12 or more.

There is more to Underground Cellar than the recent amazing upgrades and exclusive access to rare wines. With the ever rapidly growing membership base, their is a community and connection between all wine lovers, wine-makers and proprietors, which have began to embrace the site’s discussion forums and social media platforms.

 “We want our members to feel like they get a little piece of the wine lifestyle every time they visit our site or open one of their wine bottles,” says Shaw.

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