Upcoming Social App Startup YouDitto has a New Take on Notifications.


Upcoming Social App Startup YouDitto has a New Take on Notifications.

Founded by Jim Baxter and Andy Yeung in Orange County YouDitto wants to take the location-based anonymous social application genre towards a different level by using notifications.


With anonymous locations- based application like Yik Yak and Secret raising some questions as of recently with some asking whether they have legitimate place in society, like venture capitalist Marc Andressen’s recent tweet stating in part that they “encourage negative behavior“. YouDitto has high hopes of changing these perceptions and think that location-based information can be used and may change how people conduct their business and interact locally.

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YouDitto allows people to create notifications for themselves and other based on a location. The notification get triggered when within a certain proximity of the location.

 “Ultimately what we want to achieve is a way for people to get useful, insider information about any location,” says cofounder Jim Baxter who came up with the idea three years ago while eating lunch at the Champagne Bakery in Irvine. “I hadn’t been there in a while and had forgotten about a particular preference I had for a sandwich. When I ordered it again, I wished I had an app to remind me about that preference; That is when I thought about sharing that preference with others and the idea for YouDitto was born,” recalls Jim.


YouDitto main objective is to not only provide a social forum for people to share useful information and notifications for location, but also to eventually allow people to share their preferences in order to allow businesses o provide a more personalized experience for their customers. The founders of YouDitto imagine a day in the near for people can walk into their favorite place, and just by simple being there, have the business cater to them based on their preferences. They would also like business to post their own notification about their locations for people to receive when close by. They are currently in the works on a new feature that shall allow for business to post their many locations at once which they have so far dubbed as HomeBase.

YouDitto - screenshotYouDitto - screenshot

Jim and Any are expecting to release this new feature sometime within a month, hopefully in time for the TIF conference, which will be held during May 22nd at the Hotel Irvine where they will have an exhibit. They also plan to release a version for the iPhone during the next couple of months as well as a web portal.

“We have a lot of businesses already interested in using YouDitto but are waiting for a version for the iPhone as well as a web portal. So we are working around the clock to make that happen,” says Jim.

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