Urban Living Launches Mobile App For Real Estate Communities


Urban Living Launches Mobile App For Real Estate Communities

Urban Living is a Real Estate mobile app startup based in San Francisco. The first of its kind, the app finally gives residential real estate professionals a customizable platform for marketing properties, while also harnessing the power of social media to highlight neighborhood features and provide important updates to potential buyers and renters. This app targets real estate developers, property managers, and agents. The real estate tech startup scene has been blooming in the recent years. More and more agents are adapting to mobile payments and mobile apps related to real estate. Let’s see how Urban Living helps real estate professionals.

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Urban Living

Urban Living Marketing started off as a web development and marketing company. Recently, it just launched its full all in one platform app for real estate professionals. The app comes with two main options, a for-sale version and a for-rent version. Urban living is more than just a CRM or management system, it is an all in one marketing app for real estate startups and professionals as well.

Developers, brokers and property managers can tailor the app to comprehensively showcase their properties and display information about the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, easy ongoing communication with buyers and renters is enabled through push notifications, direct messaging and call functionality. With real estate prices rising and lower inventory in the recent years, it is crucial for agents to keep in touch with their clients. Urban Living allows all of this to be done through a mobile app.

App features include:

 Property Highlights:

Users can view property photos, videos, features and neighborhood maps – all from the convenience of their smart phone or tablet. Custom pages can also be incorporated to include floor plans, available units, sales and promotions, amenities, construction information, parking details and more.

 Neighborhood Information:

Displayed on the homepage, the community news feed provides up-to-date content from select local businesses, such as restaurants, coffee shops and retailers. And an “Around Us” page lists nearby business’ locations, so potential buyers and tenants can explore the neighborhood within the branded app – eliminating the need to switch between websites and apps.

 Push Notifications and Direct Communication:

Ongoing communication is easy through the apps’ push notifications, direct messaging and call functionality.  More time efficient and cost effective than emails and phone calls, notifications about lease specials, building maintenance, referral programs and more can be delivered directly to buyer and renters’ pockets.

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The only con that we found about the app is the expensive pricing model it has. To set up this app, you must pay an upfront fee that ranges from $1,500-$4,000. After you set up the app, you must pay an ongoing fee of $150-$600 per month. That can be heavy cost for real estate agents that already have other expenses such as brokerage fees and so forth. The startup stated that a mobile app is a must for today’s technology, but having a huge setup fee along with ongoing fees questions the need for this app.

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