UrbanDaddy and Lexus Roll Out First-of-its-Kind Mapping Mobile App.


UrbanDaddy and Lexus Roll Out First-of-its-Kind Mapping Mobile App.

The digital media lifestyle brand, Urban Daddy, has recently announced the launching of its Go Further, a first-of-it-kind native iOS mobile application allowing its users to develop a 3D heat map of their comfort Zone and then leading them towards a selection of highly curated good, nightlife and entertainment opportunities that lie just outside of the normal comfort zone.

Comfort Zone.

Go Further establishes a user’s comfort zone by analyzing their most frequently visited location-tagged post on Instagran. The user will then be encouraged to “go further” by pushing a slider that reveals increasingly unique  and extraordinary experiences beyond that or their normal comfort zone. They further they continue to slide, the more outrageous and boundary crossing with their discoveries shall be.

“The UrbanDaddy audience is naturally an adventurous bunch,” said Lance Broumand, CEO of UrbanDaddy, “but it never hurts to have a friend who helps you push the boundaries, a friend who helps you create new adventures and life experiences. We’d like to think that UrbanDaddy is that friend.”

“If you’re going out on a date,” said Broumand, “why not think about what new and special places lie a little further out than where you might typically go?”

Lexus Collab.

UrbanDaddy collaborated with Lexus on this project as part of a campaign designed to promote the 2014 Lexus CT 200h—a unique hybrid vehicle designed for active lifestyle and adventure enthusiasts. This was a special program in keeping with the spirit of the Lexus CT and campaign tagline, “Live a Full Life.”

“We were inspired by the Lexus CT platform, which maintains that it’s not just about how many miles you can get out of your car, but how many moments you can fit into your life,” said Broumand. “This ethos maps almost perfectly onto the ethos of the UrbanDaddy brand and audience, and was the motivating force behind the genesis of the new product.”

UrbanDaddy and Lexus leveraged large pipelines of user data from Instagram in order to build users’ comfort zones and also leveraged iOS 7’s latest version of Apple Maps to design and build the custom mapping engine. UrbanDaddy’s team built over 80 distinct prototypes and motion tests throughout the life cycle of the project, exploring dozens of ways to make animation pop off the map and allowing 2D arrows to be drawn as if in 3D perspective. The “Comfort Zone” entailed a separate custom rendering engine to dynamically mask and reveal a user’s most frequently geotagged Instagram locations in a performant way.

UrbanDaddy’s groundbreaking Go Further app is now available for free on the App Store on iTunes.

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