Use Parse To Build Engaging Apps On Any Platform Hassle Free


Use Parse To Build Engaging Apps On Any Platform Hassle Free

One of the most frustrating thing when it comes to building an app for your startup is dealing with all the backend coding. Having to connect social media, set up different SDKs, getting the overall idea to function can be quite difficult for most. Some developers or entrepreneurs end up so frustrated about the app that they fully give up on it. Luckily we have Parse, Parse allows anyone to build engaging apps on any platform hassle free in just a few minutes. You can literally set up an Instagram clone in less than a hour.


With Parse, you can add a scalable and powerful backend in minutes and launch a full-featured app in record time without ever worrying about server management. Parse offers push notifications, social integration, data storage, and the ability to add rich custom logic to your app’s backend with Cloud Code.

Instead of having to set up the whole skeleton infrastructure and then going through the entire deployment and uploading process, you can now store everything in Parse. You don’t have to worry about the logistics of the backend as much and can focus more directly on the idea or improving the product. Adding social integration only requires a few lines of code.


One SDK For All

Parse have native SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, OS X, Xamarin, Unity and JavaScript make it easy to create beautiful and powerful apps for all of your favorite devices. From desktop to mobile apps, Parse has a SDK for everyone.

This is extremely helpful incase you need to move across platforms. Not only is everything already in their server, their SDKs make it extremely easy for you to transfer between different backend packages. Save flexible data objects to the cloud with SDKs for every platform. No servers necessary. Work with native objects in just a few lines of code. The Parse backend system deals with all of this for you. This can save your team a lot of time and resources and help you get your app online a lot faster.

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Instagram Clone With Parse

Parse marketed themselves with an Instagram clone named Anypic. The startup claimed that most developers that understand Parse should be able to put together an Instagram clone in 20 minutes. The process is similar to connecting the dots. Basically, Parse have built in features mentioned above, that can integrate all these tools such as the camera function, the social integration, push notification, analytics and more. With a few lines of code using Parse’s SDK, you can connect these dots together quickly and create an Instagram clone.

We’d seen quite a few apps on Parse already doing some parts of photo-sharing. There’s obviously been a lot of interest in this space since the acquisition if Instagram, and we just wanted to show the flexibility of Parse. They’ve done a great job, it’s obviously no small feat, and getting 50 million users is not trivial.

Our goal here isn’t to make money off anything, it’s more to showcase the platform and how quickly you can get something really cool up and running on Parse. That’s the point. We’re hoping to spur more interesting stuff in this photo-sharing sector. We’re gonna fork the code on GitHub, we hope people build their own thing.

The code for anypic is open source and you can modify it anyway that you want.

Parse Pricing

Pricing is important for most of us startup entrepreneurs that want to stay bootstrapped. The Parse team understands that and provides a free version for the regular developers. With the free version you’re able to pull 1 million request/month, 1million push/month, and you have a burst limit of 20 seconds. The numbers might seem like a lot, but when it really boils down to it, numbers can stack up quickly. Nevertheless, this is an excellent way to test out the product and only scale it when it is necessary.

The next pricing model is their Pro plan. In the pro plan, you can have up to 15 million request/push and you have a 40 second burst limit. Additional add-ons for this plan is their extra security and marketing features. Lastly on the pricing model is their Enterprise level plan. Not too much information is available on their site about this plan other than the fact that it will provide enterprise level support and scaling.

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Companies and Apps That Use Parse

Parse claims that their system has helped developers build over 100,000 different apps. Some of the top apps that were built on top of Parse are Hipmunk, The Food Network, Green Bay Packer’s app, Toms, Cisco and many more.

A more real time example is a social casino game named Xtreme Slots. The app was built by a mobile app development company named Meme Inc.

A social casino game, Xtreme Slots launched on iOS in December of 2012 and on Facebook Canvas in November of 2013. The game began with 12 slot machines on the iOS version when it was first released, but after updates every two weeks to offer new slot machines and features, there are now 40 slots available to game players.

Like many apps, Xtreme Slots stores players’ progress using Parse Data. Not just a great tool for keeping track of levels and ranking, though, the team has also found that this lets them prevent user abuses that could arise from using different devices or platforms to repeat the same action, like collecting free gifts. They also use Cloud Code in Parse Core to perform validations before saving users’ progress, use scheduled jobs to send e-mails to users with promotions for upcoming events, and are in the process of developing new social features using Cloud Code and scheduled jobs.

One important Parse Core feature for the app is Social Login. The app allows people to log in with Facebook via the Parse Facebook SDK so they don’t need to create an account and remember new usernames and passwords. With a core aspect of the game’s structure dependent on social interaction, and Facebook sitting at #1 in social gaming, enabling Facebook Login with Parse was an easy decision for the team. The team has also found that having users log in with Facebook allows them to offer users more options to earn virtual currency, share the experience with their friends, compete on the leaderboards, and other new features that are still in development.

Parse might be your ultimate solution to prototyping quickly for any of your app ideas.

Start using Parse by signing up directly at their website:

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