How Using Gamification Can Boost Customer Engagement


How Using Gamification Can Boost Customer Engagement

Using gamification is a great way to keep your customers engaged with your product. Having loyal customers in the early stages of your startup is crucial. The last thing you want to see is your early stage customers going to your competitors. For those that don’t know, gamification is the use of game attributes to drive game-like player behavior in a non-game context. Imagine trophies in forums or badges for reaching a certain milestone/post in a blog, leaderboards, rankings and many more.

Using Gamification

A few years ago, I was apart of a very active kung fu/martial art forum. I, myself was very active on the forum and made posting everyday. What kept me posting everyday on the forum was the fact that I was gaining trophies and badges on the forum. I wasn’t getting any actual tangible awards off the forum, but I did feel good and proud for being a top contributor.

Gamification is the best way for you to reward your customers or honor them for being your customer. This is important because it gives the customer a sense of trust. Gamification can be competitive but it isn’t over aggressive, which is good, because your customer’s will not get mad over a score.

Some gamification you can use for customer engagement is for example running a contest. Maybe your startup could have a trivia thursday, where someone has to enter the trivia to try and solve a trivia regarding your product. If they win, they will receive a coupon, discount, or a free giveaway of your product. Make sure the giveaway is good, so that the gamification actually creates a desire for potential customers to join in.

For example, we see top potato chip and soda companies using gamification for rewards. Most of the time we see TV commercials involving some huge getaway that Pepsi is giving away with a collection of their bottle cap. This engages with potential customers like us to make us want to buy more pepsi for the caps. Mcdonald does something similar by using gamification to boost customer engagement in their Monopoly game. gamification badges

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Community Gamification

As I mentioned above, community gamification on forums are the most effective because in a way you are paying a customer with virtual rewards to help out on your product. For example a wordpress theme developer startup company gives free themes out to people who contributes to the QA and support section of their forum. This not only help boost customer engagement, but also allows you to have an engaging community for your support group.


Try to make the community gamification as meaningful to the community as you can. Personalizing the virtual badges, the icon, badge name and real-time notification tagline can create a sense of connection with the organization, or your product’s community. This is one of the ways you can use to beat your competitors. The saying always go, “It’s better to have 100 loyal viewers than 1000 regular viewers.”

Different Types Of Gamification

As mentioned above, there are a lot of different gamifications. Here’s a list of different types of gamification you can use for your startup or company to boost customer engagement.

  • Progress Bar, Used by many startups to ask users to finish filling out their profile.
  • Badges, Use these badges to represent a status for the user profile (i.e. Reached 500 post)
  • Contest, Rewards, Giveaways
  • Polls, To boost customer engagement.
  • Holiday Specials
  • Leaderboards
  • Promotions
  • Trivia

There’s a lot more you can do with gamification. The whole goal is to engage with customers and be creative.

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