Velocity Growth Helps Startup Accelerate Their Companies.


Velocity Growth Helps Startup Accelerate Their Companies.

A brand new way for entrepreneurs to launch their companies more hastily with a reward based crowdfunding system created by those of Velocity Growth, with its new Crowdfunding as a Service company.

The Purpose Behind Velocity Growth.

Velocity Growth was created for the purpose of helping startup founders who are currently seeking out capital to launch by the use of this crowdfunding services and leveraging rewards based on funding models. The company will provide a variety tools, seek out talents, technologies and any services that is required for the entrepreneur to succeed as best as they on their startup.

Any Entrepreneur that needs help in preparing to raise money on their fresh idea with added reward-based funding sites like Kickstart, Ramen, Indiegogo, can look towards Velocity Growth for any necessary guidance that will help them prepare for their future campaign funding.

“There are a never-ending number of experienced executives as well as young innovators who have ideas that can become companies,” said Jeffrey Belk, Executive Chairman of Velocity Growth. “Velocity Growth can help unlock their potential, accelerate business creation and validate a new business idea by undertaking a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign.”


Tools And Services

To include even more services, Velocity Growth has plant to unleash platform for a community that founders and any other future founding members of companies to come together and share plans or request help from their fellow entrepreneur. The website will also be provide access to an assortment of tools and services which will help lower any difficulty entrepreneurs have faced before, which will help them grow their companies.

“Potential entrepreneurs are everywhere, but they may not have the skills or networks for the tools, resources, or funding to get their ideas moving. That’s where Velocity Growth comes in. By providing the services and tools to get past those roadblocks,” said Andy Abramson, Chief Strategy Officer for Velocity Growth. “Just as digital services saw their rise to prominence in the 1.0 era, Velocity Growth looks to meet the rising demand from the ever-increasing number of crowdfunded-related businesses by tying all the resources together.”




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