Venture+ Forum Healthcare IT Startup Coming To Orlando.


Venture+ Forum Healthcare IT Startup Coming To Orlando.

A Gathering of some of the most important people will be coming to Orlando pretty soon, from entrepreneurs, technology influences, Investors, and healthcare industry leaders, for the important life time event of the Venture+Forum. This event will allow any of the recent hottest healthcare startups to make a live presentation at the HIMSS14, one of the biggest healthcare information conference in the world.

This event is being sponsored by the Howard Burde Health Law,LLC<Polsinelli, Ziegler and Mountain Summit Advisors, who will be leading off with a keynoted written by Lucian Iancovibi M.D, and the Investment Manager at Qualcomm Ventures, who called this speech, “The Evolution of Digital Health”.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to explore the future of digital health. There is a new generation of companies trying to disrupt the healthcare system by freeing data from their traditional silos to drive more efficient and effective care,” said Lucian Iancovici, Investment Manager at Qualcomm Ventures. “The massive influx of investment dollars in the space has revealed a pattern in how new companies are approaching healthcare: using data from many sources to uncover insights and effect change.”

The Venture+ Forum will have an amazing lineup of various still in early stage healthcare Information technology companies, who’s modus operandi focus on healthcare, patient outcomes, and consumer engagement. Every single one of these startup will pitch in a contest from the main stage and compete to win.

For the first time at the startup showcase, Venture+ Forum will also be exhibiting at the HIMSS14, beginning on Monday, February 24 until Wednesday. 44 companies will be placed in a 1,600 square foot pavilion, will be featured on the showcase, at the annual conference in Orlando.


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