Verizon sends Netflix Cease & Desist letter Due To Low Quality Claims.


Verizon sends Netflix Cease & Desist letter Due To Low Quality Claims.

Verizon Communications has recently issued a cease-and desist order onto Netflix over what seems to be an error message that set off to blame Verizon for poor streaming service on Netflix titles.


During Tuesday night, Vox Media designer Yurt Victor had noticed that his streaming service was moving quite slowly, and that Netflix blamed the decrease in speed on Verizon’s service

“The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting for smoother playback,” read an error message on Netflix’s site. Netflix Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Friedland later confirmed via Twitter that the message was legitimate, stating that it was designed to “keep members informed.”

In response to these recently notice, Verizon issued a statement responding back to Netflix during Wednesday. Verizon denied the issue was related to ongoing disputes over Net neutrality and claimed that “the source of the problem is almost certainly NOT congestion in Verizon’s network.”

“Instead, the problem is most likely congestion on the connection that Netflix has chosen to use to reach Verizon’s network,” the statement continued. “Of course, Netflix is solely responsible for choosing how their traffic is routed into any ISP’s network.”


During Thursday, with this recent issue still unresolved, Verizon began to explore its legal options, sending a formal cease- and-desist order towards Netflix, The Washington Post originally reported.

“Verizon demands that Netflix immediately cease and desist from providing any such further ‘notices’ to users of the Verizon network,” the order reads.

“We further demand,” the letter continues, “that within five days … Netflix provide Verizon with any and all evidence and documentation that it possesses substantiating Netflix’s assertion to Mr. Yuri Victor that his experience in viewing a Netflix video was solely attributable to the Verizon network.”

Netflix’s error message comes out only a day before the streaming site debuts its second season of its most anticipated acclaimed original series known as “Orange is the New Black.” Viewer numbers for this series have yet to be release, but given the shows massive popularity with fans and critics, it’s guaranteed that Netflix shall be expecting a massive surge with their traffic, when the new episode premiere and can’t afford slowdown within it traffic.

Netflix’s error message comes only one day before the streaming site debuts the second season of its widely acclaimed original series “Orange Is the New Black.” Viewer numbers for the series have not been released, but given the show’s popularity with fans and critics, it’s guaranteed that Netflix is expecting a huge surge in traffic when the new episodes premiere and can’t afford a slowdown in its traffic.

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