VEVO Tantalizes With A New iOS App and Mobile SDK.


VEVO Tantalizes With A New iOS App and Mobile SDK.

VEVO is a pretty well known streaming website, while not as big as Youtube it still preferred to some for the quality content of its videos. News has recently announced its updating their mobile apps and videos will also be made available to partnered applications. Other plans include the release of a software development kit for third-party developers.

Executives at VEVO have revealed during a private event for their partners and press their new iOS version of the app, which contains all new features and will be available through last year’s API update. The new VEVO iOS app will be made available for all iOS devices.

Making Streaming Easier

This update will be for the NOW application that will feature itself on the center of the phone, along with the latest music and art videos. While the NOW app was released during the previous fall, it date was limited to VEVO official site. the application will now show off the latest releases on the front page of the phone.

Navigation will now be even more easier with VEVO new iOS app. A new icon with a “hamburger” was added to appear when a user is scrolling either way on the app, thus allowing them to bring up a navigation screen. The really amazing thing about this screen is the live VEVO TC with all of its 3 channels and search videos. Navigation will still be allowed even with a video currently opened, only minimizing it will be required.

This release of the new VEVO iOS app will also have a following SDK update crated for partners who wish to add VEVO videos on their own applications.


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