Revamps Its site and Releases a How To Marketplace Video.

1 Revamps Its site and Releases a How To Marketplace Video.

Today launched its newly designed website with a brand new look and feel. The new design includes a public marketplace where users can search for how to video tutorials on virtually any subject from programing, design, photography, fitness routines and more.



The marketplace also allows individuals with an expertise on any subject to create and sell how to video content to a large audience. The Viddy-Up platform was an extension of KeepTree Inc.’s private video messaging technology and has taken off quickly since it’s initial beta launch in April of 2014. also allows it’s users to generate and customize their own public website that they can promote to an already existing customer base and help them increase their personal or company brand visibility.

Video content creators can set their own prices for individual videos as well as set a monthly subscription price for access to all of their videos. already has a large selection of both premium and free how to video content and new videos are being created and uploaded daily. The video subject matter varies widely and includes categories such as Technology, Business, Design, Arts & Photography, Health & Fitness and many more. The platform allows users to upload videos they have already created or use the custom video recorder to record new videos. All videos are then available to buyers in the new marketplace as well as on the individual sellers custom website.

“Everyone has an expertise that’s valuable to others. We’re excited to provide a solution that allows people to not only monetize their own skill set, but also learn new skills at their own convenience,” says Mike Shelton, Director of Marketing.

How To.

Plans are in place to start promoting the how to video marketplace as well as individual video content creators. Users can easily watch videos from their computer or their mobile device so they can learn from anyplace or any time that’s convenient for them. It’s simple and free to become a how to video instructor. Users can sign up for a free account and they have access to all the tools they need to start selling immediately. If users already have recorded video content they can be up and selling in a few minutes. Both individuals and businesses can use to sell and view how to videos.

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