Video Streaming Site Qik Shutting Its Doors On April 30th.


Video Streaming Site Qik Shutting Its Doors On April 30th.

Qik, the video streaming services that was acquired by Skype for a nice grand amount of $150 million, back in January 11, has recently announced that it will be officially shutting down its services beginning April 30th.

Shut Down.

The company was originally founded back in 2006 and had a total amount of 5 million users during the time its was acquired. According to the post made on Qik’s website, they revealed the reasons behind the complete shut down of their services.“We are retiring Qik as the Qik video messaging technology has now been incorporated into Skype. Users can now enjoy a great experience on Skype with features such as audio and video calling, instant messaging and video messaging with contacts in their Skype and Microsoft networks.”

With this announcement, Qik’s application will also be removed from various app stores that currently have it available, if a user already has a downloaded copy on their devices, they will find that the application has stopped working after the deadline set for 30th of April.

Actions To Take.

For those who have used the service extensively and have uploaded a huge amount of videos, Qik has suggested on their site for users to go ahead and save their videos on to their computers or a cloud storage service like DropBox or Microsoft’s OneDrive, Since any video that has been uploaded to the service will be removed and deleted once the service has been taken offline. Customers who have paid for a premium account for the service, will also be expected to be refunded accordingly if they have paid for the service after the cut-off date.

Any embedded video that has been placed up in blogs will begin to show messages: Video currently not avaible, this will show the users to identify which videos are lined to their account before retirement. Time will be given to find another hose to replace the videos. Once April appears, any embedded video and flash player will be removed. It’s recommended by Qik to take down these embed codes from the pages before the shut down of the system arrives on April.

This announcement was originally made silently back in January, but emails confirming the shutdown were only sent out to Qik users on Wednesday.

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