Vimeo offer $10M For Filmmakers To Distribute Films On Their Platform.


Vimeo offer $10M For Filmmakers To Distribute Films On Their Platform.

Vimeo has recently announced the launch of its $500,000 Audience Development Fund which will give tool and marketing support to a selected few filmmakers who have managed to successfully run a crowd funding campaigns that gathers an amount of a least $10,000 or more and will be allowed to use Vimeo’s On Demand pay-per-view platform.

Vimeo Offers and Options.

Vimeo has also announced that it will be investing an amount of $10 million to “provide creators of all levels and genres direct financial support and access to online marketing services in exchange for distributing their content on Vimeo On Demand.” The grand amount of money will be used towards project that fall into one of these following categories:

Expansion of Crowdfunding Program: Vimeo will include an additional $500,000 worth of marketing support for any selective amount of pledge films from any successful crowdfunding campaigns that have raised the minimal amount of $10,000 in exchange for an exclusive window on Vimeo On Demand.

 Expansion of Film Festival Program: Vimeo will offer a $10,00 advance to all of Toronto’s Film Festival’s world premiers in exchange for allowing them to exclusively distribute their film for a minimum of one month on their Vimeo On Demand. The company will also be adding more dollars to any film that has managed to premiere in any of the “20 leading global film festivals throughout 2014.”

Expansion of Title and Catalog AcquisitionsThe company will also use a piece of the $10 million to “work with filmmakers and distributors to accelerate its investment in quality individual titles and catalogs suited to Vimeo’s unique audience.”

Vimeo PRO Grants: Vimeo will offer up a free year of Vimeo Pro membership to any filmmaker who has managed to successfully reach their crowdfunding or requirements for one of the film festivals and a distribution for their film on Vimeo On Demand.

“Building on our early content investment programs, we’re excited to announce this broad expansion of resources to support creators,” said Vimeo’s CEO, Kerry Trainor in the release. “The direct distribution movement gains momentum every day, and we are fully committed to empowering creators with a vibrant alternative to the ad-dominated online video ecosystem for monetizing content.”

To start off this recent $10 million investment, Vimeo will be hosting a pair of screenings in Austin’s SXSW.



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