Vimeo Spotlights ts New Acquisition of Video-Making App Cameo.


Vimeo Spotlights Its New Acquisition of Video-Making App Cameo.

Vimeo has recently announced its acquisition of Camoe, a iPhone application for shooting and sharing short film. The terms behind the deal have not been made public, but Vimeo has mentioned that the team will continue to work with the Cameo app. The application will be places alongside Vimeo services and other dedicated mobile apps.

The Cameo team will be reporting to the chief technology officer for Vime, Andrew Pile, but they will not be contributing towards any Vimeo products. The deal between the two companies has allowed for startup co-founder and chief executive Matthew Rosenberg will be transitioning to a new position as Vice President of Cameo.

What differentiates Cameo from other short film video application such as Instagram and Vine are the offers of a two minute maximum sequence duration. While individual clips can only record for six second long, the application does allow the user to stitch the clips together into a short montage of sorts. Once finished the user can rearrange the order of the clips and add music and invite friends to join on in and contribute with their own footage’s. There also a ‘themes’ which works off on a traditional filter with caption fonts, color tweaks and effects.

“Vimeo is committed to empowering all creators, and the ubiquity of HD camera phones is driving the largest wave of video creation ever seen,” Kerry Trainor, chief executive of Vimeo said. “What we love about Cameo is that it gives even novice video-makers the power to create beautiful, well-crafted videos.”


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