Vision-e Launches Their eCoach on’s AppExchange.


Vision-e Launches Their eCoach on’s AppExchange.

Vision-e has recently announced that its eCoach application, which is available on’s AppExchange, has experienced a tremendous response from users who are employing the tool to quickly and effectively train both inside and outside sales reps, and to ensure that employees comply with company requirements when on sales calls.


An innovative application, which works on iOS and Android platforms, eCoach helps sales managers thoroughly train reps by providing them with a customized series of questions to be used on every sales call. Client answers to these questions can be recorded into the app and then automatically uploaded to Salesforce, allowing managers to understand exactly how those questions are both asked and answered.

As stated on the Training Industry ( blog, “ES Research estimates that 85 percent to 90 percent of sales training fails after 120 days because sales training is not reinforced. The team may even remember, “We had that great training,” but they don’t remember what they covered enough to put it to use over the long haul… Only through repetition and practice will your sales team internalize the training and consistently put it to use.”

Key Features

eCoach users enjoy a variety of benefits from this highly affordable app, including the ability to:

  • Allow salespeople in the field to access corporate/custom scripts as managers capture and view the answers given by customers and potential customers
  • Record answers to script questions so that they are permanently available within Salesforce
  • Associate completed scripts to Salesforce Accounts and Contacts
  • Group questions by topic for easy reference and data cap
  • Include dependency questions as part of the script to obtain further insight in particular areas
  • Create help text and keywords to guide the salesperson through the script
  • Create new contacts, tasks, events or notes while concurrently viewing the script

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