Vitals Forms A Strategic Partnership with Binary Fountain.


Vitals Forms A Strategic Partnership with Binary Fountain.

The SaaS-based social intelligence company, Binary Fountain, Inc., has recently entered into a data licensing partnership with Vitals, a leader in providing online transparency tools and data that help consumers find top doctors and make informed decisions about their medical care. This relationship is a significant next step in the healthcare industry as it will further engage and empower both consumers and providers by offering salient and powerful real-time data and insights surrounding quality of care and patient satisfaction.


This partnership establishes a focused, data-sharing model to capture a more robust and complete profile of providers, thereby maximizing the utility of the global patient feedback. Binary Fountain will enhance the library of patient reviews currently on Vitals by syndicating their survey methodology to its client base. Vitals, in turn, is opening its patient review database to Binary Fountain to deliver sentiment analysis to its provider clients. In doing so, both companies can improve data availability and accuracy on any physician.

Rahul Prakash, Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Development at Binary Fountain, commented, “This partnership is a significant step in strengthening the ecosystem for healthcare in the social media by offering more information for consumers on their care providers while at the same time allowing physicians and hospitals to get more insights that can lead to actionable steps and help improve the quality of care.”

Binary Fountain’s Social Compass platform is a unique in its ability to aggregate key content from a variety of sources related to hospitals and physicians, including unstructured sentiment. The platform’s Natural Language Processor (NLP) engine quickly deciphers healthcare-specific operational categories, actionable insights and applies a rating algorithm to score and benchmark each provider.


While the firm is focused in the B2B healthcare market, Vitals is an industry leader in the B2C market and has the largest online database of quality physician information and reviews. Together, the two companies are strategically aligned to support one another through information sharing.

“We look forward to working with Binary Fountain to continue improving healthcare transparency,” stated Jeff Cutler, Executive Vice President of Vitals. “Binary Fountain will help increase the number of overall provider reviews on Vitals to help patients make more informed solutions while Vitals reviews will help physicians better manage their reputation.”

The partnership is positioned to generate a significant impact as it coincides with The Affordable Care Act rollout and larger ‘consumerization’ of healthcare, where patient experience and quality care have been pushed to the forefront of the industry. Binary Fountain and Vitals are both committed to transparency, accuracy, and utility to help both patients and providers.

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