Vocoli Launches Digital Suggestion Box to Capture the Best Ideas from Workers.


Vocoli Launches Digital Suggestion Box to Capture the Best Ideas from Workers.

“Vocoli’s digital suggestion box captures the best ideas from workers, fosters innovation and increases employee engagement.”

Today, Boston tech start-up Vocoli announced the general availability of their digital suggestion box & innovation management platform.


According to a 2012 Gallup survey, over 70% of US workers are actively disengaged, which costs businesses more than $540B/yr (Gallup). To stay competitive, companies need to drive innovation and find new operational efficiencies. The old solution to engage the workforce (the wooden suggestion box) failed miserably and in the long run created resentment.

In beta since 2013, Vocoli is a digital “suggestion box on steroids” so to speak, where employees and customers have a platform to provide suggestions that can improve an organization. Vocoli’s unique approach is in its proven workflow (which encourages stakeholder buy-in and research) combined with open collaboration, social innovation, crowdsourcing and gamification.

“We’ve all worked for companies where we had a great idea, but there was no process to get it to the person who would listen and could do something with it. Vocoli gives everyone a place to share ideas that make their company or organization perform better,” said Vocoli’s CEO, Rich Kneece.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering is designed for all devices, from desktop to mobile and can be accessed with any device or screen size. It’s ideal for organizations in high-tech, government, manufacturing, healthcare or education, and can be customized to work within any corporate culture.

“Innovations come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes an innovation is a game changer, and sometimes it’s a new process or way of doing things – a series of small ideas that add up over time. Innovations can happen in product development or the factory or HR or IT – even in government. But too often those ideas get lost in a black hole. Vocoli solves that,” added Kneece.

Features include: 

  • Fully cloud-based to remove headaches from IT and HR departments
  • An intuitive interface that helps users back-up their contributions (with justifications and cost impacts)
  • Attach photos and documents to add context to new ideas
  • Share ideas with various stakeholders through Vocoli’s social innovation features
  • Crowdsourcing of the best ideas by using your team’s collective knowledge
  • Campaigns to target specific organizational issues
  • A combination of open collaboration and a defined workflow to ensure ideas don’t get lost
  • Group features to share ideas among project and cross-functional workgroups and teams
  • Flexible points system to create recognition and rewards for the best ideas
  • Available widgets to integrate with external websites, internal intranets and enterprise social networks
  • Reports to show ROI of the program.

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