Vodafone Agrees To Buy Spanish Cable Operator Ono for $10.1Billion.


Vodafone Agrees To Buy Spanish Cable Operator Ono for $10.1Billion.

Vodafone group has once again succeeded in strengthening its fixed network holding by recently acquiring Spanish cable operator Ono for an amount of $10.1 billion USD.

Vodafone has plenty of cash to spend after its recent sale of its stake in Verizon Wirelress, and with the acquisition of Ono also comes long the integration of Kabel Deutschland which was mentioned in the previous week by Vodfone, to begin on April 1. Vodafone had bought the German cable operator for an approximate amount of $10.6 billion the previous year.

Power Base.

Vodafone sees the acquisition of both Kabel Deutschland and Ono as opportunities to combine mobile, broadband and television subscriptions. Furthermore, a recent increase in demand for a unified communications has risen significantly in Spain, and with the combination of Ono’s cable network and Vodafone’s technology of fiber-to-the-home network make its highly competitive, Vodafone said.

Ono covers an estimated amount of 7.2 million homes, 41 percent of those totaling up to be homes in Spain, offering broadband speed that exceeds 200 Mbps and pay-per-view services which include TiVo. The network has also received an upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0. which means more network speed can be accessed at a relatively small cost, according to Vodafone.

Vodafone has mentioned that it expect Ono’s management to stay on and become a  “integral part of the local management team, focused on the broadband, fixed telephony and pay-TV segments of the combined business.”

The European Connection.

Seems that the Europeans are causing a lot of fuss in the telecom operating  market, Just like the U.S has been doing for quite a while.

The French mobile and fixed-line operator SFR seems like its about to be acquired soon by international cable opertor Alticem, which already owns a French ISP and cable TV company named Numericable. This past Friday, The owner of SFR, Vivendi had commented that it had decided to enter into a exclusive negotiations with Altice for a duration of three whole weeks.

The supervisory board of the company has also taken the offer considered by SFR competitor Bouygues, but felt that it was less appealing. A successful bid for Bouygues would lead them in reducing the numbers of mobile networks in France into three.


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