VPS.NET Unveils New Power Pack For Cloud Servers.


VPS.NET Unveils New Power Pack For Cloud Servers.

This week, VPS.net launched a new Power Pack feature for cloud servers, which will streamline and simplify the process of auto-scaling.

Power Pack.

The adept new Power Pack can be purchased at the server build stage, or as an add-on for existing servers, in the click of a button. Designed to be there when a customer needs it, Power Pack features a set of additional server resources which will snap into action before the existing server reaches its capacity. It has the potential to double the power of a server, automatically and on demand.

For example, a server with two vCPUs and 2GB RAM, can scale to four vCPUs and 4GB RAM during busy periods – without anyone having to lift a finger.

In most locations, Power Pack adds unlimited bandwidth, too. So customers don’t need to worry about exceeding data limits.

“Power Pack makes it easy for customers to benefit from the power of cloud,” said Tony Reeve, Director of Cloud Marketing. “It takes the worry out of under-specifying a server, because, when server loads rise, Power Pack provides plenty of extra power to meet demand.”


The cost of the Power Pack is covered in one regular monthly payment of $10 or £7.50.

As well as coming with a predictable price tag, Power Pack comes with the added bonus of premium server monitoring, which gives customers helpful email or text alerts and graphical reporting.

“By combining real time alerts and server monitoring with auto-scaling, we’ve arrived at a solution that enables customers to deploy and forget,” said Tony Reeve. “Power Pack will deliver extra resources on demand and server monitoring will alert customers to changes in server load. So there is no longer a need for customers to constantly check server performance.”

The Power Pack is available today on the VPS.NET website.

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